Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Relationship With Snow Has Not Changed......Reposting!

This is reposted from Living On Liquid circa...Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dear Snow...

Dear Snow,

It seems you and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship.

I love you when you are new and you make everything look clean.

I love you when you fall straight down.

I love you when you are powdery.

I love ALOT of you under my snowboard or skis.

I love sliding through, over and under you on my snowmobile.

I love the way you make the night more bright.

I love the way you make my kids laugh.

I love the crunchy sound you make under a pair of boots.

I love the way my dogs jump through you.

I love the way Grandpa's horses look when they run through you.

I love the way you give my kids a reason to go outside in the cold.

I love how you go hand in hand with Christmas.

Now the part where I give you some constructive criticism...

I hate you when you fall sideways...I know it is more of the wind's fault...but it takes two to "tango/blizzard".

I hate you when you fall on the seat of my car even after I have brushed you off my door jambs.

I hate you when you find the holes where my gloves and coat don't exactly seal up.

I hate you when you get all packed up after the plow goes by my house.

I hate you when you are slushy and hard to run through my snow blower.

I hate you when you leave behind that muddy mess sometimes known as late-March.

I hate you in April.

AND...I hate you in November for that matter...December are welcome anytime, but before that and I cuss you.

I hate you when you can't decide who you want to be, ice or flake...pick one, I prefer you flaky.

Last but not least...I hate you when you come over too often, like the last few days, when I put more miles on my snow blower than my snowmobile. I think your work/play ratio should be 80% play 20% work...lately it has been the opposite.

Take these statements with love, and know that I really like your season of the year, just in moderation.



Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Veteran's Day Explained.

On Monday night Brecken found out that all of his buddies that go to Huron Public Schools got "Veteran's Day" off, and the snow on the ground was begging to be tore up by the snowmobile...he was bummed to find out that he had school on Tuesday, and this was his comment from the backseat.

"I really wish we got Veterinarian's Day off from school at James Valley."

Steph and I looked at each other, and busted out laughing.  Then Steph took the time to explain Veteran's Day to the kids and that the day is for honoring soldiers like Grandpa Roger for their service in the military.

Then I did some checking and Veterinarian's Day is really a thing...and in 2015 it is celebrated on April 25th...which is a Saturday.   SOOOOOOO Brecken will get his wish and on Saturday, April 25th we will celebrate "World Veterinarian's Day" by not going to school.

Maybe we could send him with Dr. Porter or Dr. Rink for the day?