Monday, June 30, 2008

10:45 p.m. supper.

I spent most of the weekend at one church or another as a relative of the family got married this weekend. Basically it was the biggest party of the summer. I did some video and still camera work and stayed out of the way.

Maxim fell head over heels for the flower girl from Kansas, and also liked her brother a lot because he liked to play Super Heros. It was a great weekend for a wedding because the weather was not the best if I wanted to play on the water.

So this afternoon I get an e-mail from Cousin Erkel asking if I can come out and play tonight...I got permission from Steph and while they were at an after-wedding-party-party, Erkel, C-Hof and I spent the night on liquid. It was the best night of riding I have had all year.

Brecken with a little help from G-Pa Roger caught a 16" walleye tonight, he was so stoked!

That made me hungry for fish, so after a long day at the office and a night on the water I finally just ate some frozen fish for supper at 10:45 p.m.

Tomorrow morning is gonna be a big coffee morning!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bumper Boats

G-pa Bob got Maxim a bumper boat for his birthday. I was a little skeptical about it's quality, as was Grandpa...the reason he only purchased one.
I pumped it up and put the small fortune in batteries into the control panel and Maxim took off with a perma-smile. Brecken seems to think he needs to wear goggles when he rides in it, which makes the people who drive by in boats laugh at him even more.
It goes pretty good and has a water gun that shoots about 15' as well. So when Grandpa got the news that his purchase was a hit, he bought another one. Now Maxim and Brecken or a buddy can terrorize each other and the folks on the dock with their water-shooting bumper boats.

We have enjoyed cousin Cassidy in town for the last week and are looking forward to her brother Carson coming next week. Should be a busy 4th of July again...just hope we don't burn down the houses.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Coke + Peanuts = Pure Pleasure

I try very hard to eat healthy and limit my intake of junk, but I have a strong sweet tooth.

Yesterday a co-worker had a huge jar of Planter's Peanuts on her desk, and asked me to help her eat them. (Like you have to ask me to help eat things) I declined, trying do the right thing nutrition-wise. It worked, I went the whole day without eating any...but all day, all I could think about was getting a Coke and putting peanuts right in the glass.

Last night around 11:30 p.m. it even crossed my mind that if I would ride my bike to work again on Friday, I would reward myself with a Coke/peanuts cocktail. I rode my bike to work today.

The peanut jar is more than half full, and I am trying to come up with an excuse to have another Coke. (Thanks for giving me this addiction, Dad.)

You are thinking about going to get a Coke and peanuts right now, aren't you?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Shadow Chaser Turns 6 Today.

Maxim turns 6 today.

Last night as we sat on the dock, in the moonlight with a big fire keeping us warm, it hit me that he is no longer a toddler. When you are 6 you are kind of a grown up kid. He sang himself to sleep on Steph's lap around 11 p.m., and we just sat there for a while laughing about "Maxim Stories".

6 years ago today we were at Sioux Valley Hospital watching the U.S. Open and waiting for Maxim. Funny that Tiger Woods won the U.S. Open that year, and he won it this year as well.

I took the above picture about a week ago and it really sums up Maxim. Barefoot, chasing his shadow, free-spirited and carefree. So much artistic and creative energy in that skinny little body running under the big sky.

Right before we put out the fire last night, I said to Steph, "Where will this boy be in 20 years?"

She said, "Probably living at home."

...if only we should be so are pretty amazing.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Shopping With Brecken.

Shopping with Brecken is never a good thing.

For the most part Maxim is cool with the process, as long as you can hit the toy aisle or the comic book section.

Brecken feels like most men while shopping...let me sit on the floor and cry while you do this shopping thing.

By the way, in this video, he is crying because I wouldn't let him have Cocoa Pebbles and Fruity Pebbles...real tough parenting...he went with the Fruity flavor.

Father's Day Weekend.

We had a brilliant weekend at the Living On Liquid home front.

Deck & stairs building, boat lift floating and installing, kayaking, cage wrestling in the trampoline, horse riding, shooting gophers with a Red Ryder BB gun, Kathy's (AKA - ByronBum) world famous grilled walleye, no wind, temps over 75, and a great Father's Day present from an unlikely source.

Saturday was an amazing day, no wind and warm...I was busy building some steps and a deck landing into the boat house when I noticed a motorcycle pull up to the house and this tall, helmet wearing, "yellow-coated" person gets off. For a minute I thought the guy had the wrong house or something.

Then the helmet came off and it was my buddy Brian Wipf (AKA - HUB). He rolled out to Byron on his new Suzuki V-Strom.

Brian and I go way back to my first real job, he and his family lived just down the street from us and I always looked up to him and his brother as they were and still are great athletes. Hub is like 4 or so years older than me and we worked at the City Water Department together. Which means we drove around in a yellow pick up for a summer.
One day we were conserving gas or something over our lunch hour, and I jumped on the back of his motorcycle. He popped a little wheelie, and the little backrest bar behind me snapped, and I got dropped right there in the middle of 3rd little scratch on my elbow was all I got.
I don't think our folks ever knew about it until a few months ago when I blogged about it. Sorry, Verlie and Bob. I am sure you 2 did some dumb stuff growing up too.
Anyway Brian gives me this great Father's Day gift...he used to ride and race the non-motorized version of bikes and he had all this great gear left from those days, and he brought me a couple of jerseys and coats. I can't tell you how excited I was to get this stuff from a real bike athlete, thanks HUB, hope the hot dog and chips paid the bill!
I wanted to jump on my bike right then and there with the new gear, but I had work to do...I am a little dissapointed that I won't be able to wear the coats until the weather gets a little cooler.

We talked bikes and motorcycles for a couple hours and just caught up...something I think we don't do enough with old friends. So thanks to HUB for spending the $.96 in gas it took the V-Strom to get to the lake and back. Nice bike buddy. Have fun in Montana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arkansas and where ever your 15,000 miles of travels takes you this summer.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Storm Chasers.

I kind of understand storm chasers, it's all about the adrenaline rush of the chase, capture, escape and understanding of something bigger than you. Kind of like rock climbing, or a super fast downhill on a mountian bike. I could see myself with a video camera trying to get pictures of the tornado.

The deadly tornado last night in Iowa shows exactly why we should respect the weather, and also why we need to understand the storm more.

I only have one question, were you guys "in the tornado"?

I think the guy says it like 15 times...I lost count...kinda funny video.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Becky Hammon...To Russia With Love.

OK - It's another sports blog.

When I worked in TV there was this young, fun, energetic point guard from Rapid City that went on to play basketball for Colorado State. She was, at the time, our female version of Mike Miller. The South Dakota kid that turned heads on the national basketball scene.

Becky Hammon went on to play in the WNBA for the New York Liberty, and we continued to follow her every move. She was your typical South Dakota kid...hard worker, polite and an absolute joy to interview.

As a sports journalist you get to build a pretty cool relationship with these kids. I had great working relationship/friendship with athletes like Chad Greenway, Thomas Vanek, Brock Lesnar, Chad Lamer, Mike Miller, Jimmy Kleinsasser, Chad LaRose, Kris Tschetter, Becky Hammon, Corbin Lacina and Mark Ellis to name a few. For a brief period in their life, we were their ESPN.

The athletes on the above list all went on to great careers and represent South Dakota quite well. Including Hammon, who at the moment is receiving a little backlash because of what she will be doing at this years Olympics.


I think she made the right decision, I would have played for Russia. She is making a living playing basketball. A great living, I might add. I will be cheering for Hammon and I hope her team of fellow Russians get the silver medal.

Steph is happy.

So the Stanley Cup Finals ended last night with Detroit winning another cup.

Steph, being a Red Wings fan, was happy. I am not sure if she is more happy with Detroit winning the cup or that NHL Hockey is over for a few months. Now I have only 3 reasons to waste time in front of the TV...the Cubs, Twins and cage fighting.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sports Blog...

I try not to blog too much about sports, sporting events or anything related because that's what most people expect out of me, but I can't control myself. The Cubs have the best record in baseball.

We are on an 8 game win streak and I will say it again...this is our year. That being said I am sure I have just "Bartman-ed" the whole thing by blogging and getting excited about it, but it's nice to celebrate the success a little bit. I like to think it's because Steph and I cheered the Cubs on so well at Spring Training in Arizona, but I'm sure there is some other reasons as well.

On to hockey...the quest for Lord Stanley's Cup almost ended last night around 9:20 pm, with the Red Wings ahead 3 to 2 with :30 some seconds left...but Maxime Talbot's hard work behind the net tied the game up and sent it to a triple overtime before the Penguins scored again.

My son Maxim was watching the game with Steph and I, and he was excited that a boy named Maxime scored such an important goal, and that he played for the Penguins. He even wore pajamas with a penguin on them last night. However, he was very disappointed to find out this morning that nobody won the "big trophy" last night. I was happy because that means there is at least one more night of hockey.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Finally a day that felt like Spring.

Yesterday someone mentioned that it was the 3rd Sunday in a row that was warm and not windy, which are the 2 things you care about while living on a lake.

I have always been a somewhat social person, and would never pass up a social gathering or party simply to get home. Sunday after church all I could think about was getting fact lately, all I want to do when it's nice out, and I'm not at home, is to simply go home.

We had a pretty cool offer for a party at some friend's house on Sunday night, but we had to bail on them because the LIQUID was calling.

Yesterday after church we had lunch at mom and dad's with an old friend of mine who is visiting from MLPS, but at 2pm I couldn't find the door fast enough. Brecken and grandpa had a "cowboy day" which took them to the horses for a long ride, so we were down one boy.

By 5pm we were in the water with a loaded boat, having a great time. Although my 3rd wakeboard session of the year was anything less than stellar, it still felt good to have some fun on the water.

We threw together another impromptu party, grandma and the grandpa delivered a sleeping cowboy to the house, he woke up we put him in the boat and he turned into the boat party chairperson.

Maxim had a pretty big day too, he was playing on one of his favorite spots, the roof of Vic and Peggy's boat house. I think he was up there for 3 hours straight, making big battles with his action figures.

We capped the night with a pull behind cousin Erkel's Malibu and one last run across the lake. Maxim drove the boat the whole way, he did remarkably good, of course I didn't let him run the throttle, or today's post would be very different!