Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Christmas edition.

I didn't include a letter with our usual Christmas card picture this year, because I procrastinate alot...but as some of you know, I do my best work when procrastinating!


Kolby had a big year this year...first of all she was born, which is a crazy experince in it's self. She has my heart in a way the boys never could, but we won't tell them that. Her smile, eyes and love of snuggle time while watching hockey is something I will cherish forever. She got her ears pierced in August and will be working on earning her driver's license next month.


Brecken is the life of the party, he needs, and I MEAN NEEDS your attention at all times. He learned how to kneeboard this summer and loves to ride on the tube with his brother and cousins. I can still wakeboard with him standing on my board, but I think those days are over as he is getting pretty big. He loves to wrestle, give snuggies and "proper kisses". He can ride a horse by himself, thanks to Grandpa Bob. He started hockey this year, and at 3 years old is keeping up with the 5 and 6 year olds he skates with. (He got on the team because his dad is the coach)


Is the big first grader, is learning to read, write and listen in class. He even has a crush on a girl in his class, and we tease him about her, but he brings it on himself most of the time. Maxim learned to kneeboard, rides Juneau the horse really well, and likes riding on jetskis. He played baseball and continues to create epic battlefield scenarios in the basement or on the deck with his Star Wars, Transformer, and Super Hero figures. He had his first assist during a game last weekend, and he said he "loves everything about hockey"...and even when the Varsity Girls team teases his brother and he. (the boys are, to quote one of the girl's varsity players, "the mascots of Huron Hockey" as all the older kids seem to love the boys).

Steph and I:

I'm still at the electricity factory working in communications and demand side management. Steph works full time for our company...we started a photography/multimedia company this year...hours upon hours were spent in our office and shooting family pictures for clients.

We couldn't believe all the business we have had for a company that has been in existence since August. It is a lot of work, but we love it. Sometimes we fight like those guys that build motorcycles on TV, but we always kiss and make up. Check out our website if you want it is probably the main reason why I haven't been blogging as much as I used to.

I also forgot to blog about something major that Steph got this year...a dog. Kia joined the house hold in November...she is a lap dog and super cute and doesn't bark, so that is the only rules I had for a little muppet dog, Maxim loves her, Brecken wrestles her, and Kolby sometimes shares her pacifier with her.

Plain and simple, our family is over-blessed. Thanks for caring enough to visit the site all the time and may you enjoy Jesus' Birthday party on Friday.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Keeping out the "riff-raff".

I have always heard people say that the winter seasons in places like South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota and Montana helps to keep out the "riff-raff". I assume in this statement that "riff raff" means less fortunate people, folks that didn't grow up in the area or like it says, just plain old "riff raffers".

Well, this morning I woke up to -25 degree wind chills and some snow falling sideways...and I thought, wouldn't it be nice to live somewhere else?

Does that make me "riff raff"?

Thursday, December 03, 2009

T-Shirt of the Day.

The website has a new shirt on their site every day...some of them are not in good taste, but some have witty sayings like:'s a Party!, you know stuff like that.

I almost bought the one from is the script.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Bear Grylls...Man vs. Wild

Over the long weekend we had some pretty nice weather so I decided to drop in the kayak and go for an early winter paddle.

When I got about a half mile from shore I thought I would hate to fall in the water today. I paddled for about a half hour and watched the geese swarm the lake. As I got back to the house I realized that my usual method of getting out of the kayak was not available due to the fact that I took out the dock and my ladder for the winter months ahead.

I thought of a couple different options and the best one seemed pretty easy, until I tried to stand in the kayak and push off of the seat to get up to our permanent dock. Kayaks don't set still in the water and it takes no force at all to move them. The kayak slid out from under me and I caught myself on the dock...then my hand slipped and I fell backwards, "Neste' Plunge Style" into the water which couldn't have been more than 33 degrees.

I don't remember much right after I fell in as I went into shock right away, but I drug the kayak out of the water and then ran up to the house dripping wet and as cold as I have been in a long time. (Donnie H. if you are reading this, I was as cold as the time we sided that old farm house of Brad T's in the dead of winter.)

I pounded on the window and waited for Steph to come to the patio door to rescue me. It took her a while, so while I waited I remembered an episode of Man vs. Wild where Bear fell into cold water and when he got out he stripped down to his gitch to warm know works.

Steph and the family had a good laugh at me and I took a long hot shower.