Thursday, September 07, 2017

XC Family

In high school I didn't pay much attention to cross at all.  I think about 3 guys made up the team back then and it is what you did if you didn't play soccer, I think.  When I started working in TV we would cover local college and high school cross country meets, and I developed a respect for the sport.

Fast forward 15+ years and my nephew Preston rose through the Fremont, NE High School ranks and became one of the top runners for their storied program.  He now runs XC for Nebraska Wesleyan.  So to say we are a XC family now is probably pretty accurate.

Maxim started running in 7th grade, and now, as a Freshman, he has become a pretty solid racer, and it has taught him things in sport and in life that I could never teach him.  He runs on his own all summer long and enjoys the miles and the grind of a sport where you get only what you put into it.

Maxim is very much an introvert, so this time with just the road and nature is right up his alley.  To watch him run is so fun and watching Stephanie run all over the golf courses yelling at him is just as much fun.

This photo is a testament to the work he has put in.  Not only in the weight room, but also pounding out miles when he didn't want to and riding his road bike and mountain bike for miles and miles.  His mom and I think he looks pretty handsome in this photo...but every cat licks their own kitten.