Tuesday, April 30, 2013

She Tells That To ALLLLLL The Boys.

Last night after spending about an hour listening to both of the boys read to me Kolby wanted to cuddle on the couch for a while....so we made a little nest and she got one of her dolls and we all wrapped up to watch the news.

As we were laying there Kolby said, "Daddy, I love you more than the rest of the family...I love you more than mommy does, I love you more than Maxim does, I love you more than Brecken does and I love you more than Kia and Lilly do (our dogs)."

Of course I was smitten and thought, "Ohhh I have finally made it as the Dad Of The Year!  My daughter and I are really connecting!"  I had to say something back, so I took the politically correct route and told her that I loved her too, and that she is my favorite and most special daughter.  (That way in 10 years she can't rub it into the boys and say, "Daddy says I am the favorite!")

Within minutes she fell asleep and I dropped her in her own bed.

This morning I told/bragged that story to Steph about how much Kolby loved me compared to the rest of the family unit.  Steph laughed at me and said, "She says that to me all the time, that is her way of getting what she wants!"

Well, I am a sucker for her and I will pretend that I am the most loved, but it is pretty smart on her part too, to realize that you can use your words to get what you want!  Even if it is a little late night cuddle with your daddy when you should be in your own bed!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Brecken!

This post is for the Breckster...he turned 7 at the exact same time both of his front teeth started to wiggle.  He is energy, passion, rage and love all in the same "somewhat smaller than his classmates" body.  He loves his brother, adores his little sister, cuddles his mother and talks his dad into doing things he probably shouldn't.

Like his birthday present...but then again what kid doesn't want a dirt bike for their birthday.  Well, we finally found a bike for him, it took like 7 months to find the right one and we found it like 10 hours before his birthday and it was only 1 hour away from our house.

The only thing he didn't get for his birthday was good weather....he had to ride on the road in front of our house all weekend, in snow and rain and freezing rain...went through a tank and a half of gas!

Thought I would add this video of Robbie Maddison to the blogt as well, because he will like to watch this one.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Singing Her To Sleep

Kolby use to go to bed really easy...you would just put her in bed and she was out.  Then she discovered that she could climb out of bed, and go do what she wanted.

Several times we have found her sleeping on our floor, on the steps by her room, or just playing at 12:30 A.M.  She uses every excuse to not stay in bed...UNLESS...I read/sing her to sleep.  There are a few old John Denver songs that a publishing company turned into children's books...and she loves them.

So I sing/read the books, Country Roads, Grandma's Feather Bed, and we always end the night with Sunshine On My Shoulders.  She usually asks about John Denver because there is a photo of him and his son Zach in the back of the book.

Last night she wanted to know if John Denver wrote the song for her....in a way, I told her, "yeah, he did."  She thought that was cool and then promised she would stay in bed.

10 minutes later she was sleeping with Steph on the couch.  So I hauled her off to bed when I went to sleep. This morning I woke her up by singing, "Sunshine on my Shoulders"...she said, "Daddy, guess what...I stayed in my bed all night."  Well, kind of....and I threw her up on my shoulder and sang again, "Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.......