Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We Are The World....

Music is one thing that I probably don't go a day without. 

My iPod is on at least half the day at work, in the car, and when I edit for LakeHaus I tune into my favorite online radio station www.effectradio.com.  I even have this app for my iPod that is a drum machine, so sometimes in the car I let the boys make up beats and then we freestyle rap over the beats while driving down the road...we did it one day for over an hour...good times.  Maxim is pretty good.

I listen to every type of music, from Chris LeDoux to MXPX to JayZ and yes, Dad I even have some Roger Miller on my playlists.  Most of the stuff I listen to are bands nobody will probably ever hear of because independent labels don't spend money in the Midwest to get their music on the local radio you get in your car. 

I crave good music, not the kind you hear on most radio stations, but there are some exceptions...Kid Rock is one of those artists that continues to blow away the last album he did every time he puts out a new one...I attached his latest video for the song "Care".  It reminds me of less universal but better and current version of "We Are The World"...not to mention T.I. raps a few lines in this one.  Check it out.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

On Frozen Pond.

The lake froze last night...I think there are some open spots around some edges and in the middle where about 30,000 geese sleep every night, but it is cold enough to put "skim ice" on the top.

That means winter is coming soon...like in the next couple days.  The water was very calm when it froze so if it stays frozen it should be good skating ice.  So here is what I am praying for...a cold but un-snowy 30 to 40 days...I would love to start a fire in the fire pit, turn the heat on in the boat house make a 5 gallon pot of hot cocoa and have a skating party around Christmas time.

Kind of gets me in the mood for the holidays.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Go Nebraska.

I'm not a Nebraska football fan, never have been...I have a couple of Cornhusker t-shirts and hats, but it is all been gifted to me by people who bleed red, I bleed blue and yellow, but not this weekend.

You see I have never liked Penn State, and I always thought the way the school made its self so pious was annoying, and on top of that they used to win all the time.  I like the underdog story.  Always liked the Edmonton Oilers, even before Gretzky and after he left, I followed the North Stars, the Cubs, the Seattle Supersonics.  I never liked the mainstream athletes that people loved like Micheal Jordan.  I loved to see Jordan lose, and still really don't care for him.

So you ask what does this have to do with Nebraska Football?  Well, the Huskers play Penn State this weekend, and I would love nothing more than for the Cornhuskers to "pile on" to the shattering of the pride that the university has.  If you are still confused go to ESPN.com and read about the child sexual abuse case that is unfolding inside their athletic department and inside their own locker room.

Former coach Jerry Sandusky abused young boys who were a part of his charity program at Penn State, employees and fellow coaches actually witnessed "inappropriate acts" going on in the shower area of the locker room and reported to the higher ups, which never seemed to go to the police with the info, they handled it "internally" which means they failed these young men and every person who ever attended Penn State or gave to Penn State or wore a Penn State logo.

When did our society become so messed up that a college football program's success or failure and public image was more important than the well being of another human...especially a child.

With that said...for the weekend I say, "GO BIG RED".

AND CONGRATS TO THE JVC Vikings volleyball team, good luck at the state tournament.