Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Birthday To My Bride.

Today is Steph's birthday and we celebrated by working at the Huron Bridal Show yesterday and this morning Maxim, Brecken and I gave her the card she bought for herself while we were getting groceries as a family...Kolby picked it out.
Steph is the glue that hold the family unit together...her scheduling abilities alone should be studied by the airline industries.  She is the day to day reason LakeHaus still functions and at the same time keeps every one's socks and underwear drawer folded and full.  She is sweet and loving, the best mom, wife, business partner and boat driver a guy could ask for.  I got the total package when I married her.

Speaking of our time together, isn't it funny even after 13 or so year of marriage you still learn new things about your spouse?  I have always known that she has a bit of a competitive side, but I didn't know how she treated our children's sporting events. 

During our children's hockey games I coach, so I am on the bench.  Therefore I get to not hear what the parents yell.  I have no idea if Steph yells or what happens.  Every once in a while we just find each other's eyes across the ice and laugh about something or give that "shoot that was close" gesture.

That is with wrestling, I know what happens in the stands, because Steph tapes the matches for Grandma Clarice to breakdown from Ohio.  The first time we watched one of Brecken's wrestling matches at home we kind of giggled about it.  Now it is just a good family joke!

You see 99% of the time there is a Stephanie that is gentle and loving and caring, then there is Wrestling Mom Stephanie.  I don't know what happens when she gets into the gym for wrestling matches but she becomes, well, a little bit of a "WooooHoooo Girl!"

You know the girl that yells "WooooHooo" really loud when "Free Bird" comes on the radio or when anything fun happens ...pair that up with Steph's competitive side and you get a voice on the camera that sounds like a mom possessed. (I attached a video for you to listen to her coaching) Do not mess around with "Wrestling Mom" Stephanie.  She says things like, "Take him down, Brecken!"  "Smash his face in the mat!" "Maxim cheer for your brother!" "Fight, Brecken, Fight!" "Rip his ears off, and throw them to the dogs!"
OK the last one was made up, but that's our joke around the house now.  We say super nice things in a really mean voice, and then yell "WHOOOO HOOOO!"  Well, in my best crazy wrestling mom voice, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEPHANIE.....WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!"

(Note: if you watch this video at 4:03 watch the kid on that Brecken is pinning...his leg band comes off and the joy he finds in watching it wave on his leg is priceless.)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Go Away Daddy.

I knew the whole "too cool for dad" thing would happed sooner or later with my kids, but I expected it to be Maxim trying to ditch me for buddies in about 5 seems that now Kolby is too cool for dad.

The other day she had a play day with Grandma Penny and I kind of crashed it mid-day.  They were playing a game on the floor and Kolby looked up at me and said, "Daddy, go away!  Just leave."

I said, "Where do you want me to go?"

"You get in your car and drive away!" she replied.

So I did, and then did again on Tuesday night to drive to Sioux Falls for work, and before I left she said, "you are getting in your car and driving away?"  I said "yes", and she got excited and said, "well, goodbye then give me a kiss."

My only saving grace after that much "push back" was that she was happy to see me when I got home the next day.

I guess I must be getting in my car and driving away too much?????  She thinks thats what daddy does.

I think Saturday there is gonna be a lot of daddy and Koko time.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Brecken's First Ever Wrestling Tourney

Brecken had his first ever wrestling tournament this weekend in Huron. He was a little inexperienced on what a real match would be like and I think it cost him his 2nd match. He was too used to practice where they break after each take down and back points...he could have smushed this kid.

He pinned this other guy in the bottom video and ended up 3rd with a cool trophy and he is excited to go to the next tournament.

Steph was in Heaven, but very uptight the whole time. Grandma Penny didn't like it when the other boy pushed Brecken's face into the mat. We explained that it was normal protocol for a wrestling match, but I still don't think she liked her little Brecken getting worked over!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Religion Not Your Thing? Mine Either.

This pretty much sums up my feelings on religion and also my life in Christ.