Monday, April 25, 2011

Lake Byron's First Swimmers

After 37 straight days of snow and or rain and no sunshine, the sun came out on Saturday...for like an hour.  We went right outside to soak it up and the boys went right to the dock to play by the water.

Maxim begged and begged his mom to let him go swimming...she said "no" a bunch, then she said, "I don't care...go get your swimming suits."

Water freezes at 32 degrees, I am assuming the water temp was 38, but both boys ran into the house got their swimming suits and started to enjoy the dock, their water guns and they got their feet wet.

Then Maxim got brave...he got waist deep and learned the power of cold water...he screamed, and then wondered why his mom "made" him go swimming.  I think they will wait for a few days before they go again.

But Easter Sunday the boys were out in the kayak for about an hour while Steph and I did our yearly shoreline clean up...which involved 2 stinky dead carp this year.

Oh yeah, Kolby slept the whole time this was going on.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

He's a handful.

Brecken turned 5 today...when Steph showed him that he can finally pop his thumb out to show folks how old he is, with all the fingers on one hand extended, he said, "I'm a handful!"  Yes, little buddy, you are a more ways than one.

Last night we drove to Mitchell with Grandpa Bob to pick up his big present...a kayak.  Today the kayak is in the living room and he and Kolby have been paddling around all morning.

He's not as bad as we make him sound it's just that his motor never stops running, unless he is crashed out in bed, and even then he still moves more than any normal sleeping person.  The other thing that makes him a challenge is that his motor runs way longer than ours does...think Energizer Bunny here.

Call it middle child syndrome or just the fact that he has some of his dad in him, but if full-body motion is involved and the spotlight is on Brecken, the world is right.  Well, today the spotlight is on him.  Happy Birthday, Brecken!

Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm running....

Sunday was day 2 of the dreary and misty weekend so the kids were getting a bit bored with going out side in their rain gear and then coming inside and cleaning up, so I said...put on your sweat suits and running shoes, we are gonna run a mile.

I really didn't know how this would kids run...will they quit and I'll have to carry them back...will they be faster than me?  All legit questions, right?

Well, we took off, with Kia the wonder dog on the leash.  (Side note: if you want the kids to enjoy running take your dog with!)  They loved it and Maxim blew past Brecken and I and didn't look back...he was at least 600 yards in front of poor little-legged Brecken.  Breck was basically in a full sprint the whole time and was pretty tired last night.

So I might take them out tonight too.  P90x in the morning with Steph, 3 mile run over the noon hour and a mile at night with the am I still a fat tub of goo? 

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

LakeHaus Productions...Going Coastal.

For those of you involved or interested there is a lot of non-wedding shots posted to my Flickr site....on the right hand side of this website you can see the photo stream...just click on those pictures and you will be taken to LakeHaus Production's Flickr page

Friday, April 01, 2011

Saturday Is The Day.

Just a shot of the rehearsal from Friday afternoon.  This is basically the spot where Darin and Gretchen will be tying the knot tomorrow.  Can't wait, should be a beautiful day.

California Dreamin...D&G