Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Black & White

Our oldest son Maxim sees things differently than most people...he sees the world in black and white.  No he is not color blind, I am talking the figurative black and white.  If I tell him it will be 5 minutes before we can do something, that means in 5 exact minutes I had better be doing what I promised him.  If I tell him that my head is foggy....he asks how the fog got into my head.  OK I am stretching that last one.

Just for the record Brecken and Kolby have very immense grey areas...5 minutes might mean 2 hours later to them, and clean up your room has a different meaning to them than it does to Maxim.

The cool thing is, with the black and white in the world you have to have the grey to make it work....and in photography that is true.

I LOVE to shoot in black and white...it is in my opinion the most true form of photography.  In a world of over-saturated, cross processed, grunge overlaid photoshop pictures, the essence of the human face in a black and white is like photographing the soul of a person...or nature...just ask Ansel Adams.

If you like to take pictures don't be afraid to flip that setting to B&W every now and then...get rid of the color and look for the soul of your subject.  Sometimes having no color at all is the most colorful picture you will ever take.