Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I am a Mac and PC

First off, HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY TO THIS BLOG!  I can't believe it didn't die a few times already, but for some reason I keep coming back to it to write...hope you are still enjoying it.

There was a story on CNN the other day about how Microsoft as a company was the 4th most valuable company in the world, and how they tend to wait and see what Apple does and then copy it to some degree.  Which is true if you think along the lines of:

iPod = Zune
Wii = Kinnect
iPhone = Windows-based smartphones....etc.
There is something to be said for what Microsoft has done for the "real" work that computers do everyday...not the way I use a computer, editing photos and video, but word processing, spreadsheets, database work.  For those types of applications I am told there is no better platform than a PC, although Apples can run Microsoft application too.  So I guess I am a combination...I use Dell products to do some of my work and I use Apple products to do my more creative type work...and for all of my mobile work..iPhone/iPad.
So I pose the question, can I be a Mac and a PC???  Can I be a balding, tweed suit, nerd, and a v-neck tshirt, hoodie and skinny jeans slacker at the same time?  I think I am pulling it off...but lately I have been leaning towards my Apple side.  Is that the Dark Side or the Light Side of The Force?

Friday, September 14, 2012

My Life Creed.

My dad turned 67 maybe I am thinking about age and life a little bit this week...but this song ended up in my email in box thanks to my buddy Toby Mac.

I can honestly say this is my life goal...and my dad (and mom) gave Sally and I the example of how to attain that goal of not letting life "Slip On By".

I try to grab every moment with my family...even if it meant cuddling up on the couch with a 10 year old and watching George Of The Jungle at 5 AM this morning...just because he was awake for the day.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

First Day Of Pre-K

Steph dropped a bomb on me yesterday...she said it was the last day that Kolby would ever have as a non-school attending little girl.  So they played in the yard, coloring on the inside of the box that the new 85 gallon hot water heater came in.  Steph put off some LakeHaus work and spent that last day of Kolby's summer enjoying each other.

That is the great thing about owning your own set the hours...if you need to play with your kids in the middle of the day you do it, and then you work when they go to bed.

Soon enough they will be gone...we never miss an opportunity to just "be" with our kids.  Even when we work sometimes they are involved.  I will never take one thing for granted as far as time spent with my family...nor will I ever put any self imposed "deadline" in front of them.  I think about how my dad STILL makes time for me if I need some time with him, and he is always there.  Steph and I will always be that kind of parent and someday grandparent.

Sometimes those little moments create some of the biggest memories, like last night...(NOTICE THIS SECTION INCLUDES BRAGGING)...So last night I walked in the door to put the finishing touches to the hot water heater that was installed earlier in the day and Kolby asked me to help her "read" this book.  She had Brecken's reading book from school on the table and she had it open to a story.  I think it went like this:

The rat had a bat.
The rat had a hat.
Bad rat.
That is not your hat....and on and on like that.

So I sat down to humor her 3 year old reading desire.  She said she was having trouble with the first word "the".  I told her it was a sight word and you couldn't sound it out...and once she got that down, she sounded out and read the entire section.

She is barely 3.5 and basically reading at a 1st grade level...I was astounded.  That 10 minutes spent with her will be remembered for a long time....and so will this picture.