Thursday, February 07, 2019

New Website, New Year, New Shoulder, New Hand, New Dog, New Studio, New Passion.

I know blogging is one of those things you either really do a lot or, you go like 11 months in between posts....sometimes I fall into the latter group, so I thought an update was in line.

Since October of 2017.....wait what?  That was my last post!  Ok, since October of 2018 the LakeHaus family has broken a hand, had surgery on that hand and that hand has now been casted for over 150 days....that is Brecken...he is ready to get the pins out and gear up for his summer select hockey team.  Brecken also picked up a new Vizsla....Marley joins Kia as the new LakeHaus shop dog...she hunted amazingly well this year and she is an amazing dog.

Kolby rocks the kitchen and the basketball court, she still loves Brent Burns and the San Jose Sharks, she did quit hockey, but she is a beast on the basketball court...and I love it...she turns 10 in a week!

Maxim bought a new truck and we all love to drive is a classic outdoorsman/mountain biker outback ride....he picked up a 2007 (Year 1) Toyota FJ Cruiser and it is super cool.  He wanted a Jeep Wrangler, but the more we reviewed the more we wanted a car that worked...haha.  He still likes to run and is busy watching all of the old SciFi movies I grew up on...think Alien, Predator.

Our studio situation needed to change....although the 2nd level space was good, there were some other things we were not happy with about the space...we down-sized a bit, but the space is amazing.  Stop in some time.  We are located on the ground floor of the same building just one door to the west of our old entrance.

Steph had her shoulder worked over in December as well, so that shut us down for a bit, she is doing better now and kicking out senior, family and baby sessions every day.  I love to walk into the studio on big delivery days and see the pictures before they go to your homes.

We also updated our website....which was a long overdue need!  We are glad a lot of the "NEW" stuff is running smoothly and can't wait until the snow blows over and the ground is not always white.

Seniors of 2020, SCHEDULE YOUR SESSION NOW...we are already filling give Steph a call.

We are in our 11th year of business....and it is our customers that have made that possible...THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTNERSHIP IN MAKING AMAZING IMAGES.