Wednesday, November 29, 2006

How's this, Dad?

Ok, I realize I'm not solving any of the worlds problems on this blog, in fact, some might read this and think it should be a blah-g instead of a blog. However, my dad is a huge reader of the site. Who knew?

This afternoon I talked my pops into treating me to lunch at the local diner, and he says, "OK I just have to talk to you about something on your blog...". So I am thinking he is in disagreement with my somewhat liberal and progressive Christian mind. NOOOOOO not in the least...he was ticked about this comment in the list of "My Moments" on my birthday entry. "My mom making a pan of O'Henry Bars, "just for me"". (see Nov. 21 post)

He claims I dissed him as a major contributing factor in my life on the blog...well Mr. Father Of Mine...Let me count...not counting this post which is dedicated to your ego. You are leading Ma by a score of 12 mentions to 7 mentions. Hmmmm, I guess I owe MOM a few props to catch her back up.

Mom thanks for:

Teaching me and taking me rock climbing
Building my first go-kart
Taking me ice skating for the first time
Teaching me how to downhill ski
Playing hours of catch and hitting me grounders

There you guys are all square.

Hey, by the way, dad...check the would have never let me do that as a kid, let alone taken a picture of it. But it is one of your prized grandsons so it is funny and cute. Man, you held me down...

Kidding as always...nothing but love for ya O-G. (that stands for Original Gangsta in street talk but today it stands for Original Grandpa)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy T-Giving.

Maxim's team hockey picture. Can you see my chest swelling with pride?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Birthday Jack Handy

Theres a difference in living and living well,
You cant have it all, all by yourself
Somethings always missing 'til you share it with someone else,
Theres a difference in living and living well.

-George Strait-

This would have been posted yesterday, but was down.

November 20 was my birthday so I'm gonna get all sappy. I still feel 18, but for the record I'm not. I don't know if it is my Generation X upbringing, but I don't feel like some stuffy 34 year old career-minded only businessman.

I am satisified with my balance of life. Hence the George Strait lyrics up above. Mom and I share the love of music...granted mine is still a bit louder, harder, screamier and faster than she likes, but we find common ground on a lot artists. George is one of them...she heard "Living Well" on the radio the other day and thought of Steph and I and the Lake House. She gave me the CD for my birthday...great gift! You can never go wrong with music.

Anyway, the more I have listened to that song the more I realize that maybe that's why I don't feel all crusty and old. I'm still 18 at heart, a bit to laid back for some people, but I enjoy living and thanks to my family and God I'm living well.

I live for my moments.

What are MY moments you ask?

Brecken's full-cheek smile and cackle-laugh
Maxim and I (Coach Tom) on the same ice at hockey practice
Hugs from both of them
Watching both of them sleeping in their beds after a big day of playing
A good friend and 3 dogs looking for pheasants on the wide open prairie
A good cup of coffee
Baby calves running and bucking in an open field
Looking out my window and seeing a butter-smooth lake
Snow when it falls straight down
When the perfect song comes on at the perfect moment
Steph's eyes, her big smile, pierced nose and perfect feet...when she wears my old SDSU sweatshirt, or any of my clothes for that matter, or those tattered Gap jeans
Sitting on the deck at night with my guitar
The smell of campfire
My mom making a pan of O'Henry Bars "just for me"
The sound of skates on frozen water
Did I mention coffee...stuff like that.

It got me through the first 34 years and will be about the same thing that keeps me young for the next.

About The House...thanks to my dad, the kitchen ceiling is sheetrocked and insulated. After T-Giving, I will finish the walls and make the electric "hot" as long as "ElectricDealer" as he calls himself on Ebay sends my no longer in production Wadsworth brand 15 AMP single pole circuit breakers right away. Otherwise, I have to buy retro versions of the little suckers and they cost like $40 a shot. I need 6. Mr. Ebay is selling me 2 used ones for $.99 but $6 for shipping.

I was just about to give you a timeline on when stuff was going to get done, but I remember a comment from my ever patient wife..."Don't...Don't...Just don't give me anymore timelines that you can't hit...I don't want to hear them." So honestly I CAN'T TELL YOU WHEN WE WILL BE DONE...or Steph will be mad.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Caller: Hey, you guys have a car on one of your power poles...

This actually took talent.
Our stuff is built so tough you can park cars on it.

Vertical Parking.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Back Home

I've been on the road more than home in the last 3 weeks. My travels should be done for a while, and I'm looking forward to the slow down. Steph and the boys did come along on some of my trips. On the way back from Nebraska we stopped at the Fort Randall Dam area where we camped and wakeboarded last year with The Crew. Super nice day and Maxim loved it.

Last night I put up the rest of the siding that I had torn off to put the new windows in, so we are now ready for snow. The siding is temporary, because next spring I will put some brick on the front to dress up the road side of the house a little bit.

I started to connect all of the wiring last I have to call my electrician-in-law to see if I was reading his mind right on a 3-way switch. This electrical system will challenge my abilities, and suck my will to live.

Steph has put a Thanksgiving Day deadline for the sheetrock to be up...I should be able to hit that date. The only think keeping me from it would be my fear of getting shocked AGAIN while messing with the electric.

The geese on the lake have been insane! Every night they honk the night away.