Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fair Week.

Basically I spend most of next week at the SD State Fair, I know to some of you snobby-types that would sound like a lame time. Our family has some ties to the fair as Bob was the manager for a few years in the mid to late '70's, so Sally Sue and I did some growing up right there on the fairgrounds.

The company has a booth at the fair that is basically my as a bonus to those of you that read this blog and will be attending the fair...if you see me at the booth, come up to me and say the secret pass word "Hey Thomas!"...I'll get you a cool flashlight or a bottle of water or something cool.

Except Skipper and Verlie you guys get a peppermint candy and that's about it.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Didn't anyone think about this before they built it???

(CBS) A supercomputer used to predict weather patterns and measure the effects of global warming is itself one of the top contributors to pollution and global warming in the Great Britain, the Daily Mail reported Thursday.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Everyday all day school...

Last year Maxim went to Kindergarten on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays...this year is first grade...real school!

They started last week Wednesday, and on Thursday evening he asked when his next "at home" day would be...I explained the concept of weekends to him and he seemed to understand.

Last night we were playing baseball in the yard and while we were picking everything up he said, "can I have a day at home weekend tomorrow?". I laughed...we long for those for the rest of our lives.

Until we hit 63 and retire like Skipper and Verlie, then it's mess around time while the wife works to support the family.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Samantha K.

LakeHaus Productions is Steph and my side business, it is a combo of my video and still photography passion, (and schooling) and Steph adds the business side of the operation.

I have been taking quite a few pictures lately, and am getting behind on the editing process, but here is one that popped while I was editing tonight.

Samantha K. is super easy to photograph so I didn't have to do much to make her look good besides push a couple buttons.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I'm on my yearly "booth duty" tour representing the electricity factory at local fairs and farm festivals, it amazes me how happy you can make someone by giving them candy or a free pen.

It is a great study in human behavior to watch them look at our booth and all the cool stuff we give away or have lying on the table. You can actually break the fair-goers into a few different groups in their etiquette concerning giveaways on a table.

THE BAG LADIES: Usually retired, carrying a huge hand bag and a page of address label stickers with their address on them. These ladies NEED every piece of give away material you have, and also a few more for their grand kids. They will always tell you, "I'm picking up another one of these for my grand kids." (Yeah, lady your 6 year old grand kid really needs a refrigerator magnet and a little case of toothpicks and breath mints) (Wondering about the address label sheets??? that is so they don't actually have to fill out the "register to win" sheets)

THE CUDDLERS: These are usually middle-aged to older men, who don't feel like they should take anything off of your table without first talking to you about what your business does. Deep down inside you know they could care less about your energy service and they want the shiny key chain and a hand full of peppermints...but they feel the need to "buy you lunch" before they take your stuff.

THE COOL KIDS: Usually between 16 and 40 something...they walk by, see all your cool giveaway stuff, but totally act like they don't want anything...only to send their buddy or kid over to grab the nice pens, and key chains...then they end up asking for a hat too.

THE BEARDED ONES: My colony friends...they love the heck out of fairs and exhibit booths, old young, male and female, they all sign up for the "register to win" prizes, even the 8 year olds...they take every single piece of paraphernalia, informational document and giveaway toys. These guys are my favorite...they are the reason I don't have to bring anything home after the fair is over!

I think I usually fall into the "cool kid" category, except today....SDSU was giving away ice cream...I went back 2 times for SDSU ICE CREAM, got my bowl from the same lady...she said, "Back for more, huh?" I didn't even care..."Yep, I said...getting this one for my wife." (Sidenote: Stephanie wasn't along) It was great ice cream...always has been the best.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Maxim...The First Grader.

I know it happens to every parent, so I don't want to say it, but I really don't feel like Maxim is old enough for first grade...but he starts this week.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Kolby got some bling...

I wasn't quite sure about this...but Steph wanted her little one to have earrings at 6 months. I have to say I really like it, I couldn't watch them do it, but I like the outcome.

Friday, August 07, 2009

The Wedding Dance

Why didn't I think of this for our wedding, Steph?

Amber K, this is how you should roll into your big ceremony!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Kolby is afraid of our dogs.

Our 2 dogs are about as laid back as dogs could be...they both love the kids and have never ever shown a mean side at all, with that said, we don't think twice about the boys climbing all over them or playing alone with them. If we were concerned the dogs would have gone a long time ago.

So the other day Kolby, Lilly the English Pointer and Annie the German Shorthair Pointer went for a little walk. The dogs were running through the fields looking for rabbits and pheasants and Kolby was just fine...until Lilly came running up to greet her.

I guess in the 5 or so months that Kolby has been alive she hasn't seen the dogs up close and personal. SHE WAS TERRIFIED of the "moving stuffed animals". It took a good minute or two to calm her down.

We thought it was a one-off situation where they just surprised her and frightened her, so we tried it again...this time with the dogs inside the kennel...same result.

I guess the only way to cure this is to get a new puppy for her to sleep with and grow up with...that way they will be about the same size for a while and bond really good together.

Anybody got a good duck hunting, water-loving chocolate lab that is about to have puppies? It would be great if it was here in time for duck hunting season...I mean so Kolby and I could take her new dog out in the duck hunting blind.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Capped off a great week.

As I mentioned, Steph and I hosted 6 parties in 7 days this week, we had a blast...but today was about our family.

We slammed some drive-thru fast food after church and the kids took much needed naps. I worked on my retaining wall/lakeside beautification projects and Steph worked on her tan and a book.

We decided to get out on the water around 6pm and almost had the lake to those are nights we push the kids to do things on the water. The boys have loved the tube this year and are very comfortable in the "big water".

My buddy Jared dropped his kneeboard to us this morning cause he thought the boys might take to that pretty easy. AND THEY DID.

Brecken and Maxim both loved it and we saw a side of Maxim in the water that we don't see too often...he was pretty aggressive about getting back on after he fell and didn't quit.

We capped the weekend with some good family time in the living if I could just kill the 3 flys that are bothering me right now!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Another Party

Summer kind of started out slow in the "party at the lake" department. It still hasn't really been super hot out and because of the rain and cool weather it seems like my buddies that farm have been working when they usually have some free time.

This week changed that as we had family and friends over 6 of the last 7 last party today and we are going to take Sunday off for ourselves...I think.

Steph is a trooper with all of her house cleaning and takes a special woman to host 20 some guests, make a gourmet meal, and back a boat trailer into the lake...oh yeah and take care of 3 kids.