Wednesday, April 29, 2020


I know I haven't written on this blog site in over a year, but my dad was the original creative writer in my family so I thought if this thing is going to sit dormant for any amount of time I wanted to honor him with a picture and a post.

Thanks for all you did for us, dad...we love you.

Thursday, February 07, 2019

New Website, New Year, New Shoulder, New Hand, New Dog, New Studio, New Passion.

I know blogging is one of those things you either really do a lot or, you go like 11 months in between posts....sometimes I fall into the latter group, so I thought an update was in line.

Since October of 2017.....wait what?  That was my last post!  Ok, since October of 2018 the LakeHaus family has broken a hand, had surgery on that hand and that hand has now been casted for over 150 days....that is Brecken...he is ready to get the pins out and gear up for his summer select hockey team.  Brecken also picked up a new Vizsla....Marley joins Kia as the new LakeHaus shop dog...she hunted amazingly well this year and she is an amazing dog.

Kolby rocks the kitchen and the basketball court, she still loves Brent Burns and the San Jose Sharks, she did quit hockey, but she is a beast on the basketball court...and I love it...she turns 10 in a week!

Maxim bought a new truck and we all love to drive is a classic outdoorsman/mountain biker outback ride....he picked up a 2007 (Year 1) Toyota FJ Cruiser and it is super cool.  He wanted a Jeep Wrangler, but the more we reviewed the more we wanted a car that worked...haha.  He still likes to run and is busy watching all of the old SciFi movies I grew up on...think Alien, Predator.

Our studio situation needed to change....although the 2nd level space was good, there were some other things we were not happy with about the space...we down-sized a bit, but the space is amazing.  Stop in some time.  We are located on the ground floor of the same building just one door to the west of our old entrance.

Steph had her shoulder worked over in December as well, so that shut us down for a bit, she is doing better now and kicking out senior, family and baby sessions every day.  I love to walk into the studio on big delivery days and see the pictures before they go to your homes.

We also updated our website....which was a long overdue need!  We are glad a lot of the "NEW" stuff is running smoothly and can't wait until the snow blows over and the ground is not always white.

Seniors of 2020, SCHEDULE YOUR SESSION NOW...we are already filling give Steph a call.

We are in our 11th year of business....and it is our customers that have made that possible...THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTNERSHIP IN MAKING AMAZING IMAGES.

Thursday, October 26, 2017


Things get a bit hectic once school starts...most of our lives revolve around homework, football, hockey, cross country and work.  Heavy on the work.  In the last 2 months we have shot over 60 different families, engagement sessions, commercial work and of course seniors.

Fall is an amazing time to be a professional photographer.  Not only in the studio, but in the field.  The light is right, the crops are tall, the grass is still green and the trees have been amazing.  I have told many people, I drive around and look at the landscape and think....."I want to shoot somebody there!"  Well, photograph anyways.

Stephanie and I have the most amazing customers, and they are all willing to do what it takes to get a great memory, even if it means, going in old barns or buildings, getting in cold water, hiking back in some woods or swatting mosquitoes in late October!  The final images we produce makes it worth it.

Enjoy some of our latest work.



The last few are photos from the SD State Fair where during the Red Wilk Bull Bask Stephanie's father was honored for his service as a Marine Corp Scout Sniper in Vietnam.  It was an emotional and honoring night for Roger and the family.  Thanks, Red Wilk family it is a night we won't forget.  We also got to shoot a surprise engagement session!

Thursday, September 07, 2017

XC Family

In high school I didn't pay much attention to cross at all.  I think about 3 guys made up the team back then and it is what you did if you didn't play soccer, I think.  When I started working in TV we would cover local college and high school cross country meets, and I developed a respect for the sport.

Fast forward 15+ years and my nephew Preston rose through the Fremont, NE High School ranks and became one of the top runners for their storied program.  He now runs XC for Nebraska Wesleyan.  So to say we are a XC family now is probably pretty accurate.

Maxim started running in 7th grade, and now, as a Freshman, he has become a pretty solid racer, and it has taught him things in sport and in life that I could never teach him.  He runs on his own all summer long and enjoys the miles and the grind of a sport where you get only what you put into it.

Maxim is very much an introvert, so this time with just the road and nature is right up his alley.  To watch him run is so fun and watching Stephanie run all over the golf courses yelling at him is just as much fun.

This photo is a testament to the work he has put in.  Not only in the weight room, but also pounding out miles when he didn't want to and riding his road bike and mountain bike for miles and miles.  His mom and I think he looks pretty handsome in this photo...but every cat licks their own kitten.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Travel Schedule

Summer is busy, right?

Well, at the Haus it gets a bit the point that our boat is feeling a bit neglected.

Summer hockey season, soccer, mountain biking trips, family weddings (that we also shot) and travel for the business.  I am 2 nights away from being a Gold Member at Hilton Hotels...I have no idea what that really gets you besides a strong desire to sleep in your own bed, but it is how this summer has gone.

With that out there, we have some great images to share with you and let you know if you want us to take your pictures, and why would't you..., schedule now!

On Wednesday night at 8pm on Facebook we opened up a Fall Mini-session for was full in under an hour and we have a waiting list.  We love our customers and our mini-sessions are a complete steal!

Have a great weekend.