Saturday, October 29, 2011

Catching You Up On Photos.

I had a random person from the community ask why I haven't posted any client pictures to my blog lately.  I was suprised that this person knew LakeHaus Productions existed and I was even more suprised he knew I had a blog and cared to see our here it is a little catch up on what we have been up to.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I am a "Bone Collector"

I'm not a deer hunter...I have watched it on TV, but I don't hunt deer.
I would like to at some point in my life try to shoot a deer with a bow and maybe even get one with a rifle...but my dad never took me deer hunting so I really don't feel like I am missing anything when everyone goes out in November and freezes to death looking for a big buck.

Maybe that is why I don't understand when a guy has a pick-up with stickers all over the back window that say, "Bone Collector", Easton Hunting, Hoyt Bows, Rack Attack...etc.  I understand you like to hunt deer, but really...deer hunting, the way it is done around here, only takes one morning and for the most part the "hunters" don't leave the truck.

Well, last night I got my very first deer.  I AM A "BONE COLLECTOR" was a fat doe, and the bad news is...I hit it with Steph's Expedition, and the boat.  She asked how the boat was first!  I love her!

My cousin Eric and I winterized our boats at his shop most the the afternoon on Sunday and I was headed home with the boat in tow ready for the winter.  Then out of the ditch came one of the dumbest animals next to sheep.  A doe, in a full sprint.

God gave deer an incredible sense of smell, great hearing and pretty good eyesight, but I think he must have sub-contracted the work on their fight or flight senses.  Because their flight senses tend to run them into things that kill them.

The doe hit the front of the truck, whipped around and tagged the door for good luck, then on the way by the boat she left a couple of hoof prints in my Moomba logo and some fur on my trailer.

So, for the record, I saved about $300 by winterizing my boat myself, but it will cost me a $500 deductible to fix my wife's truck.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

No School Gets Boys Out Of Bed Earlier.

So Thursday was a no school day at our house and that means I can get up about 15 minutes later than I usually do, and Steph gets to not wake up with an alarm clock.

Out boys HATE getting out of bed for school, so one would think that if you hated getting up every morning for school on the day you don't have school you would sleep in and make the most of "sleepy time".

Around 6:30 a.m. I heard Maxim's "quiet" feet slamming through the house, and then Brecken's feet slowly followed...but Brecken was smart and he jumped into bed with me to watch a little TV.  Then around 7:15 a.m. Grandpa Roger knocked on the door to pick up Brecken to go to the farm for the day.

Brecken sprung out of bed like it was on fire...."Grandpa, I only got on a shirt and underpants!  I gotta get my jeans and boots on....just wait!!!!"  And like that....he was gone, only to slow down at the door to get his bag of snacks and books for a long day in a combine.

I am starting to think the time I spent on Wednesday night resetting my alarm from 6:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. was a waste of time I'll just hit snooze for 30 minutes, which is what I pretty much do anyway.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Brothers Praying For Each Other.

When our boys say their prayers, sometimes there is a bit of parent directive in the, "Dear Jesus, please help me to get that big Star Wars Lego Space Ship that I want for my birthday."

That kind of thing is understandable, but the other day when they were saying their prayers they were a bit....vindictive.  Both boys prayed short and sweetly. 

Maxim said, "Dear Jesus, please help Brecken not to be naughty and to not be mean to me or bother me."

Brecken prayed, "Dear Jesus, please help Maxim not to be bossy and not to be mean and naughty."

Steph and I got a good laugh out of their prayers for each other so Monday after school I asked Maxim if God answered his prayers...he said, "God answered Brecken's prayers, I was really good, but God didn't answer my prayers...Brecken hit another boy today at school on the playground, AND I SAW IT!"

I think we may put an "only pray for your own behavior" caveat into night time prayers.