Thursday, October 30, 2014

New T-Shirt Coming Soon...With Smallish WINGS!!!???

Part of being a business owner is that you have to wear a lot of different hats or you will end up paying way too much money to farm out your everyday business work.  If a computer doesn't work, I fix it...if the taxes need to be paid, Steph does the necessary book work, if we need to update our marketing info, we both sit down and fight about design, content, ect.  (and Steph usually has the final say, and it is correct.)

My favorite part of the side hustle parts of this job is the marketing.  Social media, blog writing, public engagement and logo control.  Most people know that the LakeHaus brand is the one with the WINGS. 

When I made the original logo I had no idea just how brilliant the WINGS would be in developing a brand that people would recognize.  Honestly, I have even seen another recent start up photographer in South Dakota implement WINGS into their logo.  (I was a bit ticked and flattered at the same time, as I knew that they followed our work for quite a while and it wasn't a coincidence in branding.)

We have had many people tell us they love our marketing photos with the big WINGS on the images.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and this Blog help us keep our advertising costs very low and the WINGS and our amazing images set us apart from the rest of the pack.

That all being said, I designed a new t-shirt that will roll out in 2015....and the WINGS are kind of gone...Well, they aren't very prominent.  Steph made sure that I made an amendment to the final product to include the WINGS, but the new design is a nod to our family's love of music, and my musical roots.

One day while working on a new t-shirt design a song came up on shuffle that changed the design completely...the song was "King of Rock" by Run DMC.  My mind's eye instantly remembered the cover of the tape with that song on in back in 1980-something.  It was simple, white letters and 2 red rectangles.  This is my nod to the music that shaped my life, and hopefully will give LakeHaus Productions a bit more street cred!  HAHA.

Here is the design....coming soon to a t-shirt near you.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Red Bull Rampage

I used to do a bit of mountain biking when we lived in Sioux Falls...some buddies and I had a couple of local spots, and we would make a run out to the Black Hills every now and then.  I love watching guys on bikes pick apart things that look impossible and then back flip over the gap.  Amazing run.