Monday, August 27, 2012

Fair Week = Goodbye Summer

It is fair week in Huron and that means our family will be going in a lot of different directions for the next 7 or 8 days.

The kids have school, which I think starts too early, Kolby has her first preschool open house, LakeHaus has a booth for the week and I have my energy factory duties on the Freedom Stage.

The LakeHaus booth has changed locations...ironically we took over the old booth that I had for NWE.  We decided to shake things up a bit and changed our sponsorship and it saved the company $800...but in turn I knew there was an opening at the Expo Building and Steph and I decided to move LakeHaus' booth over there, and now it cost me $800 personally!  But well worth it.

It has been a busy 3 months of travel, weddings, seniors, family photos and a LOT of boat time, and I am ready for a slow down after the fair.  This week is hectic and stressful, but I love the fair, and I hate the fair.  It means the end of summer.  Monday I will be super depressed and will feel like listening to this song while saying, "Goodbye Summer"...I like this version better. Sorry Don Henley.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Self Portrait

Sometimes I take pictures of me, for me and by me.  I put on a helmet camera and pulled this still image from video of last night's wakeboard session...I love the sun, the water flying all over the place and the angle of the horizon.

Cameras have a cool way of stopping chaos and making it look graceful...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Vacation LHP Style

Just a little GoPro video compilation that I threw together in about 10 minutes, but it shows some of the stuff we accomplished this summer.

(The song is probably better than the video and it is my theme song until November 20th!)

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

First Car

We were headed home from our family vacation a couple weeks ago and got to talking about our first cars.  So we asked the boys what kind of car they want when they can drive.

Of course Brecken said he wants a Jeep Wrangler with big tires.  I might just buy his car a few years before he can drive so I can enjoy it.  When we asked Maxim what he wanted for a first car he said, "You guys already know, I want a camper that you can drive!"

We laughed for several miles on that one and we decided that he would get a VW Vanagon...and if you know Maxim you know that it would fit his personality perfectly.

If you don't know what a Vanagon is, think "campervan"...Greatful Dead stickers all over it, vagabond rock climbers and mountain bikers live in them.  A buddy of mine had a Vanagon Westfalia for years and the family camped out of it and he loved that thing.

Maxim would look soooo cool climbing out of a Vanagon, and when the family would go climbing or on vacation, we would take Maxim's Vanagon.

So in 4 years if you see a Vanagon for sale let us know...we are thinking lime green for the color!