Monday, February 21, 2011

Sled Trip

Steph running through the trails.

Our annual "team photo" just up from Spearfish Canyon Lodge.

No Angie didn't ride all day on the back of Gus' sled, her sled ran into some equipment issues about 20 miles from home. 
Steph and Angie had an epic game of Scrabble in the lodge after spending all day in a helmet with the sound of an engine as the only noise...surprising how peaceful that is.

My favorite "cabin" on the trail system in the hills.

Gus actually riding on the trail.
This is me, exactly where I wish I was today.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random Picture In My Desk

I opened my desk to find my stock of 3M sticky notes and found this photo of my dad, mom and big sister Sally.

No idea why I have it, but I bet mom and dad wish they were that young this weekend.  They are getting a helping of "Triple Trouble" as we once again are letting them Grandparent.

Wonder if my mom ever got anything to eat back in 1970-something.  By the way dad, that white tie...BACK IN STYLE!  You should have kept it.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


For most of the winter Maxim has been content to be a rider on the back of the snowmobile or being pulled behind on a sled.  That changed are the pictures.  He actually charged it pretty hard a couple times and might have touched 25 mph at one point.  I have to admit Steph and I were a little scared at that point, but he was all smiles.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Stages Of Life.

Someone once told me, after watching our active children, they missed "our stage in life".  Meaning their kids were in college or just about in college and they missed the days when you had to dress each child, feed them, change at least one in diapers, etc.  That is my stage in life...the "young family" stage. 

I tried to think about the different stages of life and what they should be called so here they are in case you are wondering what stage you are in...or on.

Baby don't remember this stage, but there is pictures to prove you were once fat and cute at the same time.

Toddler remember about 4 things about this stage and most of them involve toys, something your grandma did and hating going to day care.  It is the stage where you get all the attention in the world whether you are good or bad.

School Age played with your buddies at recess and during PE and then pretty much just existed in your desk until 3:30.  You lived for Summer and Saturday morning cartoons.  Diet was pretty much chocolate milk and PB&J.

Middle School Stage...pretty much erased from memory because of chemical imbalance, but you learned how to brush your teeth on your own during this time.  Also wondered why your parents yelled so much.  Sports and activities ruled your every thought.  Diet was anything with nutritional value...or that your dumb buddies dared you to eat.

High School played with your buddies during study hall and lunch, pretty much existed in your desk until 3:30.  Got your own car and lived for Summer and Saturday nights.  Diet was Mountain Dew and Pizza.  Sports, activities and the opposite sex ruled your every thought.

College/First Job Stage...You played with your buddies while skipping class at college, learned that studying until 3:30 AM was now necessary.  Found out what rent was.  Bought a one with pants that matched the coat.  Diet consisted of food that you cooked yourself...mostly of the Kraft Mac & Cheese variety cold cereal or anything cheap.

Newlywed Stage...You hang with your wife all the time and your buddies wonder why you don't hang with them anymore.  Found out what a mortgage really is.  Bought another suit because that old one got smaller.  Learned how to plumb a house, wire a house and do laundry.  Also learned that dishwashers aren't just "loaded" there is a method to how you load it.  Forgot a birthday and an anniversary and paid dearly for it.

New Parent Stage...yes, your child is the don't remember much of this due to lack of sleep but there is a computer full of photos of you and the devote all your attention to your new little bundle of a human, and your bride or groom wonders why you don't hang with them anymore, forget about your old college roommates.  You spend a fortune on strollers, diaper bags, onsies, and primary colored toys.  You obsess with controlling the environment of your, personal safety space, stranger danger...etc.

Young Family Stage....usually you have about 2.5 kids by this time.  The oldest is usually in grade school and also doubles as some super cheap babysitting for short stints of 15 to 20 minutes.  The middle one is into everything and has a mouth that doesn't quit...that child is usually responsible  for sayings like, "Well, that's weird underpants!"  The baby isn't pampered, only diapered, it has hand-me-down everything and a stroller with 2 broken wheels.  Your thought goes from, "Ohh the safety gate at the top of the steps is know if she falls down the steps once, she won't do it again."  You are on the board of everything and a night at home means the kids think one of you is sick.

High School Family Stage...a lot of yelling, sporting events, chorus and band concerts and at least one wrecked car.  Your kids don't hang out with you...they hang out with their buddies all the time.  Family vacations are spent trying to convince your children to stand by you while waiting to go on a ride or sitting in the same booth as you while eating at Applebee's in some strange town.  Homework is a family affair and you realize that staying up untill 3:30 AM is necessary again so you understand what you kid is learning in H.S.

Empty Nest Stage...This is when you focus on your job/office/career, or your Temple of Peace & Quiet as you used to call it when the house was a wild kid party.  During this time most men buy a Harley or an old car and pretend they are still in their 30-somethings.  Women remember that you can do laundry in 3 or 4 loads, until the college kids come back.  This is also the stage in life when most kids come back to live in their parents home.

Grandparent Stage...This is when you focus on your kid's kids hoping that the 4 to 5 hours a day your kid dumps them at your house is enough for you to impact their little lives before your kids go screwing up your grandkids again.  You NEVER tell the little tots NO to anything and when you do it is because after 3 days of "babysitting" your grandkids you are starting to wear thin.  Most evenings are spent watching something on the History Channel at a very loud volume.

Nursing Home Stage....See Baby Stage, pretty much the same thing.

OH, by the way, Tyler and Heather, welcome to your next stage in life...note Tyler Wipf's blog.

Friday, February 11, 2011

OUCH...That Hurt.

I missed a birthday...I didn't really miss it, I just didn't post anything about my loving wife on her birthday, which is why I titled this, "OUCH".  Unfortunately I think she is used to me letting her down all the time.

Steph turned 29 again on the 30th, she told me tonight that she was jealous of my mom and Kolby, and almost everyone in my family that has a birthday.  AND I FORGET HER!

Well, we did celebrate her birthday with about 200 other strangers a Maxim's hockey game, I even commandeered the microphone during the first intermission to have the entire rink sing happy birthday to her...that probably doesn't make up for not posting about...the most amazing, loving, hard working, best friend that I have on Earth.

Do I take her for granted...all too often.  Honey, you rock and I love you.  Remember that one year I forgot your birthday all together, well, I haven't forgotten it since, right?  You are a great mommy and the best wife I could ever have been blessed with.  I'll love you for the rest of my life.

PS-Thanks for dragging my butt out of bed each morning to work out with you...some of my favorite times of the day!

Koko is 2.

Kolby Capri...aka...Koko is 2 years old today.  Pretty amazing how having a little girl changes your life.  I am sure if we would have had her first she would be into cooking toys and dolls, but she wrestles, throws things (including the dog), and likes to watch hockey with me on the couch.

She is having a Princess Birthday Party tonight, but all the pink toys and dolls will probably sit in her room so she can play with her brother's Lego Hero Factory toys.  In fact, that is what her brothers bought her for her birthday.  I am sure she really wanted it.

She is soft at times and "all girl", she will curl up on your lap all day to have her 3 favorite books read to her over and over and over, and she likes to dress up too.

So "brown eyes" here is to you on your birthday.  We love you tons, and we are so glad that God blessed us with one beautiful little girl.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Minus 27.

The dog's heated water dish froze last night....I'm sure it had something to do with the "insulation" of snow around the outside of the bucket, but I'm sure it had more to do with the fact that it was a bit chilly.

Think about what it takes to operate just your home in conditions like last night.  if you had your home's thermostat set at 70, and it got to -25....that is a heating temp differential of 95 degrees to keep you somewhat snug last night.

I'm not sure why Ma and Pa Ingalls settled here, but my guess is that the first couple of winters were mild and then they got "The Long Winter".

Thursday, February 03, 2011


I don't watch wrasslin' anymore, but I might after watching this little gem.

Quick Draw McBob.

This is my dad during a quick draw exhibition  form last year.

The slow-mo is pretty impressive. But the blast from the "cap" gun isn't...and those are real .45's!

They need louder primers!

I have to learn how to do this before Kolby starts dating.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Happy Birthday GMA PEN.

Mom, Gramma, Mamma!! (That is Kolby's title for Grandma...WITH THE EXCLAMATION POINTS), Nurse, The Penster (That is Brad's title for Penny)...she has many names and she lives up to them all. 

Our kids love her house as much as ours, and to see her on the lazy boy rocking, reading to, singing to and praying with Kolby, Brecken or the occasional big 8 year old Maxim is one of the greatest things you could ever ask for in a Grandma.  She takes the time to forget her life and dives into the life of our kids...that is something that doesn't happen too much in this busy world we live in.

She is the most beautiful, loving, even-keeled, patient, kind and giving person I have ever been around.  She is a chip off of Grandma Lil's block, and God was showing off when he made my mom.

Did I mention it is her birthday today, I really don't remember how old she is, not that it matters.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY.