Tuesday, February 23, 2010

USA Hockey

Blame it on the Olympics that I haven't been blogging...but I thought this picture summed up my olympic experience so far.

The win over Canada was not as epic as 1980, but still pretty big time stuff.

And it gives me fodder to hand it out to my Canadian friends.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh Canada...

The Olympics always captures my attention, I think it started in 1980 with the hockey team. My sister always made me watch figure skating too, which somehow gave me a guilty pleasure of liking dudes with better skating skills than mine.

Nonetheless, it is Olympic season again, and this year it is in Canada...our friends to the North. I love Canada...don't get me wrong, but lately on ESPN.com there has been a bit of fighting about Canada's inability to host and do well at the Olympics. Rick Reilly, who is one of my favorite sports writers posted this apology after writing this story.

The thing reminded me of a conversation I had with a Canadian hockey coach prior to a game a few months ago. He wondered if we were playing both anthems (not sure how that was going to affect his game plan) but I knew the PA announcer was going to play them both.

So off the cuff I said, "you mean the American National Anthem and our American National Anthem For Canada?"

He said, "what???"

I said, "Oh, Canada"..."it is really just a love song from a powerful, strong and protective man to his loving woman who needs him to take care of her."

Think of the words...Americans should really be singing Oh, Canada to Canadians.

O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!
From far and wide,

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

Yes Canada "WE", being America, stand on guard for thee...after all, if you were to not like us where else would all our really macho American men go fishing and elk hunting.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Big Birthdays and a tumble down the stairs.

I know I usually do something for birthdays around here and the 3 most important girls in my life are celebrating back to back to kind of back.

Steph turned 29 again last Saturday, and I had a bunch of surprises for her, I even bought her a dozen roses. Let's just say the price of roses has doubled since the last time I did that.

Grandma Penny is the Groundhog Day birthday and we kind of celebrated that on Sunday, and the boys sang to her on Tuesday morning.

Last but not least is Kolby. She is going to be 1 in a week. I can't wait to see her dive into her cake...because if it is anything like her fall down the stairs yesterday it will be epic.

Yeah, she took her first big tumble, but it was down the set of stairs in the house that are not tiled, so that was a good thing. The bad thing, they are the longest set of stairs in the house. If you have never seen your child fall down stairs it is very interesting, especially if you are chasing them.

I almost caught her at the top of the steps, but she went head over heels, then moved into a barrel roll for the rest of the way. I almost caught her at 2 points as I was running after her, but she was fast!

With the Winter X games still fresh in our minds and the Olympics coming up we named her fall The SLO-MO it consisted of a 1620 (body revolutions), a body varial to headstand to 10 minute cry session. I am buying her a helmet and some knee pads for her birthday.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Conversations you are in, but not really.

Do you ever have those conversations, let's say at work, the store, at a public gathering or church, where someone who you are talking to, or are forced to talk to, is completely talking about quite possibly the most boring thing in the world?

I had a 20 minute listen today about a totally random subject, I won't say where I was, but the conversation was dumb, and I felt trapped and I couldn't get out of it...my mind was wandering about this and that.

Then the thought, "does this person know I'm not listening" came into my head. I panicked and thought that I should ask a question about what the person was talking about to let them know I cared about their rambling...all I did was prolong the most boring conversation in my life.

You are probably thinking the same thing about my blog...but hey, you don't have to click here all the time to read my ramblings!