Saturday, November 22, 2008

Quantum of Something

I'm a huge James Bond fan, and with that said, the new Bond flick is in a theatre near you. I heard some bad reviews, some said Bond was dirty and ragged all the time and it didn't stand up to the old standard of Bonds. Some said the plot was shallow...I would agree with that one...but the action made up for it.

I went to the movie in a Montana theatre tonight, action from start to finish, then just when you think the movie was wrapping up, the movie stopped. "M" was just saying something to Bond and all the sudden the screen goes black and a Fandango commercial pops up. The place went would have thought that a referee blew the biggest call in the state tournament game.

After the reset movie ended a few folks went to complain, they reset the movie to let us see the end. So they reset it and it was about 20 back from where we were in the movie when it stopped, so we watched the big final fight scene and got to the point when it stopped the first time and all we missed was 8 words! Then the credits rolled!

Most of the folks in the theatre laughed that we sat there for another half hour waiting for the last 2 lines, but when we walked out there was about 3 or 4 couples that were complaining to the manager about ruining their experience and they wanted their money back. Some people will complain about anything! I was just happy to see the end and the always cool ending credits where Bond shoots a bullet at the screen.

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