Friday, August 11, 2017

Travel Schedule

Summer is busy, right?

Well, at the Haus it gets a bit the point that our boat is feeling a bit neglected.

Summer hockey season, soccer, mountain biking trips, family weddings (that we also shot) and travel for the business.  I am 2 nights away from being a Gold Member at Hilton Hotels...I have no idea what that really gets you besides a strong desire to sleep in your own bed, but it is how this summer has gone.

With that out there, we have some great images to share with you and let you know if you want us to take your pictures, and why would't you..., schedule now!

On Wednesday night at 8pm on Facebook we opened up a Fall Mini-session for was full in under an hour and we have a waiting list.  We love our customers and our mini-sessions are a complete steal!

Have a great weekend.

Monday, May 01, 2017

Spring At LakeHaus.

 We work a lot but we play pretty hard too.  We don't let any opportunity slip by without trying to embrace life and make a memory....and naturally photos are a big part of our memory.

This is Kolby and Grandpa's string of fish from a couple weeks ago.  That black crappie on the right is in the process of winning her a South Dakota Proud Angler award!

Brecken and Kolby are both playing soccer, much to my enjoyment.  It is fun to see them become soccer heads!

We have 2 we don't have mice.  
The problem with outside cats that you kind of care for and don't really monitor is they tend to roam.
When they roam, they get pregnant....then they have kittys.
We currently have 7 kittens as both of our cats had kittens!

Maxim has embraced his mountain bike interest so he and I have common ground in the dirt on 2 wheels....that don't have a motor.
We have a few route around the lake and make some trips when time allows as well.

I also got a new ride, I replaced my 2003 Trek 8700 carbon fiber with a brand new Giant Fathom....the thing is amazing and makes me a better rider.

Maxim riding into the sunrise on a Sunday morning.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

10 months of work...

     This is the season when Stephanie's phone is either, ringing, texting, or Facebook Messenger-ing.  Last Saturday night, at 9:30 pm, she was booking a 2018 senior session, a family session and working on a customer order at the same time, and I told her if that was my phone I would possibly lose my mind.  AND BETWEEN THE 2 OF US...I'M THE CHATTY ONE!

     It is hard to believe, that next year will be the 10th year of LakeHaus Productions.  It began with a camera, a computer and a corner office in our home on Lake Byron...I told someone the other day our company should now be called "100 Year Old Building In Downtown Huron Productions"....but it probably wouldn't be as catchy as LakeHaus.  

    I know I neglect this blog quite a bit, so I took about 10 months of work and condensed it down to one blog post, so go ahead and scroll down.....enjoy our work and the beautiful images we create.  Also, if you are wanting photography work done in the summer of 2017 you should call very soon...the spots are getting quite limited.