Thursday, November 20, 2008

I was born today.

Yep, birthday number 1 after 35. No, I'm not all depressed about getting older, I'll leave that to the almost-40 year-olds named Sally Sue. In fact, I told a couple of guys I work with how old I was the other day and they didn't believe me, they made me get out my driver's license to prove my age, they thought I was 29 or I guess that's good, right. Eye of the beholder.

I celebrated another year by running 6 miles and then eating my favorite meal at Grandma Penny's last night. This morning Steph made me pancakes and sausage, another favorite I get like 2 times a year when I have time for a sit down breakfast...I ran another 6 miles and lifted super hard today...So all in all my birthday was about eating a ton of calories and then running and lifting it off...the price you pay for sitting behind a desk all day.

Last night, Brecken gave me his birthday present...he skated without a chair or leaning on the wall or any help at all! He's 2 years old and skates almost as good as some of the 5 year-olds I coach in mini-mites. I was all smiles when he skated away from the chair he was pushing, and came right up to me and tackled my leg.

Maxim also gave me a present, his was in the form of comedy. If you remember a few weeks ago, Steph cranked her ankle over in the church parking lot and it was pretty messed up. Well, Maxim must have really thought it was kind of funny to see mom laying in a pile of pain, so last night as we were walking out of church, Maxim pretends to fall, then he screams and holds his ankle...then he gets up and starts walking while dragging his "hurt" ankle behind him. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time...Steph was gonna spank him for teasing her, then she broke out in laughter.

Another life moment brought to you be DeSmet Farm Mutual.


Gloria said...

Happpy Birthday Tom. glad you had a good day. I have lots of memories of your birthday parties when you were growing up. now it is fun to see your kids growing up and hearing fun stories about them.

Anonymous said...

Happy 3 and a 6.

Did you get any star wars action figures?


Anonymous said...

You always have the best way with words!! Made me smile to think of you laughing at/with Max while he imitates his mom!! Poor Steph! Hope you had a great birthday! Miss you and thanks for the 40year old mention!! I love it!