Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Flute Loop.

On Sunday afternoon, the family was hanging around the house, and I started playing the drums on Maxim's tummy.

I asked him what instrument he was going to play when he grows up, and without missing a beat he says, "The flute!"

Now this will make Aunt Sally (who's birthday is Friday) very happy, as she was like the state champion flute player one month in Canada, but for a dad who wants his son to grow up to be a man, this is rough.

I instantly think of rock band Jethro Tull's lead singer/flute player Ian Anderson. You might remember the song "Aqualung".

Also the hip hop group Jurassic 5 has a song called "JAYOU -Flute Loop" which is on heavy rotation on my MP3 player...so I decided the flute can be pretty rockin'. I'm good with my older, creative, artistic son playing the flute...it's cool.

Then I ran across this video...the Knight Rider theme song played with a flute, and the guy is beatboxing while he is playing the flute.

The first time I watched this video I thought the other guy was doing the beatbox, but it is the flute player...super cool.

Aunt Sally we may need to borrow your flute.


Sally said...

If my favorite Max wants to play my flute it's all his!! Or you can eventually buy him one and he and I can play duets when I'm 64!!! Haa Haa!! Lovya Tom,

Anonymous said...

You could have the next Ron Burgandy on your hands!