Sunday, July 08, 2007


My little once in a lifetime holiday of 7-7-07 was a day to remember, if for nothing at all except a laid-back uber-chill day at the lake house.

After seeing over 100 guests come through our door over the last 7 days, 7-7-07 was a day to just kick it. I did get up at 7:07 a.m. Steph made coffee and we drank it on the deck watching the waves trickle in while listening to Jack Johnson sing about "Times Like These".

The boys rolled out of bed around 8:30 a.m. and the rest of the day was dedicated to our boys and taking naps (Steph took 3, Brecken and I took 2 and Maxim...Zero). We grilled BBQ Chicken for lunch, took the boys to the north side of the lake to the beach area, they played hard, we came home and had fresh walleye from the river for dinner.

Around 7:00 we took the boat off the lift and had a great wakeboard session. 4 of Steph's cousins jumped in the boat to give some added weight, to make the wake bigger. I landed 2 tricks I have never even tried before. We taught one of her cousins how to wakeboard and pulled them on the tube for a little bit.

My cousin and 2 of our friends were out in his Malibu and after their session they stopped by the house to cap off the day at 10:30 with some jalapeno poppers and some great conversation.

7-7-07 felt like the real first day we actually LIVED at a lake work, no deadlines of home projects, just family, friends, water and wake.

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Verlie said...

Thomas, it sounds like you will do just fine in retirement. I should know, cause I have had 17 1/2 years of it already. My, where does time go?? Guess it goes quickly when you are having fun.