Friday, July 06, 2007


The title of this post is the only way I can describe the first ever 4th of July party at the Living On Liquid headquarters (like there is any other locations).

Temps in the 90's not much wind. I estimate that in the last 6 days over 100 guests (some were return customers) spent time at our lake home.

I will post some pictures from the Glanzer Reunion as soon as AJ sends me some...but here is a little Happy 4th of July from my sister and my families.

By the way tomorrow is 7-7-07...and is kind of a quasi-holy day for me as I am obsessed with the number, as you know from previous posts. To celebrate I plan on setting the alarm for 7:07, biking around the lake in such a fashion that it will turn into 2 different 7 mile rides, I will wakeboard 7 times, complete 7 different tricks (I might have to learn a new one), I will drink 7 cups of coffee, and hanging with my kids and wife for 7 hours.

Happy 7-7-07.


verlie said...

WHO is that OLD cogger with the cap in the pictures. Nice YOUNG kids other than the OLD cogger!!

Anonymous said...

picture looks good. shade does you a real good job on your looks. thanks for the wake up call. skip