Saturday, March 10, 2007

Brecken is having a rough day!

I'm in Rapid City working as talent for KSFY's coverage of the SD High School Hockey Tournament, but my heart is at home.

Brecken is sick and is going to spend the night in the hospital. Steph took him into the ER today and after about 5 attempts they finally drew blood from him.

The tough-nut even made them knock him out so they could find a vein to give him an IV.

He has a little cast on his arm so he dosen't pull the shint out of his elbow. He will stay overnight so the doctor's can monitor him. I owe Steph so much for what she has been through in the past 3 weeks! She is going to really enjoy that trip to Indiana to see her folks.
I'll pray for you Brecky!


Verlie said...

Skipper My Main Man, hurry come to this kids rescue. "working as talent for KSFY's", what on earth could that possible mean! ! I'm thinking the boy is suffering from Montana syndrome or something very serious. Both the words WORKING and TALENT I am sure he does not understand at all. Could you possible make a trip to Huron this weekend and I will come up too, then we can go see him and see if we can help him somehow.

My sympathy to Brecken and Steph who once again is "STUCK" with all the "real work stuff", like parenting.

skip said...

i'll be up for the dinner theather so maybe we can work on him that weekend. we should get steph some kind of medal for doing all the work. ksfy must be in trouble

Verlie said...

Skipper me ladd, your boy Tom is sure quiet after our very KIND and CONSIDERATE words of wisdom. Do you suppose that when he came home from Rapid that he was met at the door with the "DREADED L-O-O-K", and the "SILENT TREATMENT", you know what I mean! That is just the most awful thing that can happen to a person. Otherwise he would surely have thanked us for our insight by now.

willhuntforfood said...

Seems like it's harder on the folks when the little guys are sick. I've prayed for your son and the rest of your family. Hang in there!