Monday, March 12, 2007

Springtime Heatwave.

I like how we bust out our huge down jackets when the temperature drops below 50F in autumn, but when the weather hits 45F in spring, it's practically bikini weather.

Every once in awhile you see some guy who's way ahead of the spring curve. He's the one who can't stand to wait another day for 50F weather, so he goes out running in shorts and a T-shirt when it's still getting dark at 6p.m. Those guys are always the joggers who find the dead bodies and get interviewed on the local evening news.

For women it's flip-flop and capri time right now. They don't care if there is water to the top of all the ditches in Beadle county...they are wearing their favorite capris and those cute sandals today.

For the record, Steph wore flip-flops and capris yesterday, and I ran in a t-shirt and shorts this afternoon!


Brent S said...

How come we never hear about Sneezy?!?

glanzer77 said...

He died like 5 months ago, but we promised Maxim we would get another Sneezy...just hasen't happened yet...and he hasen't been begging.