Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Steph's Turn.

Our carpet comes on Friday the 13th. Not sure if the date says anything about this project or not, but we are almost ready for it.

Sunday was the usual church, home and work...heavy on the work. We sanded the floor 4 more times. Finally we were ready for stain.

Maxim was hyper on Sunday, all hopped up on sugar from another one of our good parenting moments (see picture). Headphones, dvd and powdered sugar donuts on the way to church. So G-ma $.01 (that's Grandma Penny) pulled the best move of the day, she came out and picked up the boys to free us up to work later.

That's when Steph went into overdrive. She decided to start staining on Sunday night. I wiped the floor clean with tack cloth and she started making the floor even more beautiful. I was nervous going into this floor thing to begin with, but if Steph's Aunt Sharla can do it, so can Steph. They are cut from the same cloth. She just jumps in and kicks it out.

Making dust is a major no-no while staining a floor, so that means my chop shop carpenter skills were put on hold for a while. So I did what every person with an empty room would do while their spouse slaves away...I skated in our future kitchen.

Steph finished around 11:30 pm and we packed up to head back to Huron, but one little problem. The keys for the Expedition were in my jeans in our bedroom. The sliding door was locked and the only other entrance is through the living room. Steph gave me one of those looks, and put rubber gloves on her feet and retreived the keys. As she walked she buffed the footprints out with a rag. She is so smart.

Monday night we were at the house early...Steph was going to put the first clear coat over the floor and I was going to mow the yard, and do some work outside. I mowed the yard with Brecken in the kid-carrier backpack...he fell asleep about 10 minutes into it. Maxim had fallen asleep on the way out to the house and rocked a 3 hour nap in his car seat. When he woke up...my night began.

I have mentioned before that taking care of kids is hard work, but Brecken and Maxim together is like chasing a bunch of Howler Monkeys around. Steph said I would get
frustrated if I was going to try to do any work...I was. Finally around 8:30 I filled up the Jacuzzi Tub and all the boys had a bubble bath. Brecken was laughing at Maxim, Maxim was laughing at me and I was laughing at Brecken. It was still a lot of work. I got both of them into their jammys and fed Brecken...AGAIN.

Steph finished up around 9:30 pm, and decided that she needed some time in the hot tub.

The floor looked amazing, tonight we will lightly sand and tack cloth it, and put on another coat.

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Today I was the 111th visitor. To celebrate I read most of your blog. It's a slow day in the bike biz.