Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ninja Bible Camp

My past is catching up with me.
Over the weekend Steph and I took senior pictures of a gal who's folks grew up in the area.  Turns out her dad was a councilor at the summer camp I went to growing up.  I mentioned that our oldest son was going to his first week of overnight camp at that same camp...Byron Bible Camp.  Then the dad of the gal asked if he was bringing his throwing stars.

I was a bit confused and wasn't sure the connection, but then he reminded me that when I was 10 or 11 he was a councilor at camp and 10 minutes into the registration process he noticed some boys throwing something at the wall of the boys dorm.  So he came over and busted me and some buddies practicing our ninja skills with some throwing stars.  I didn't really remember the incident, but I remember having a bunch of knives, homemade nunchuks and throwing stars and wanting to be a ninja.

I don't know what possessed US (for the record it was probably Tim and Eric's idea to bring the basic weapons of a ninja to Bible camp) to bring and throw stars at the building, but wouldn't a Ninja Bible Camp be a good combo?

I am sure Maxim will be super well behaved and win all sorts of "best behaved boy" awards and the councilors will rave on his kind heart...but I am going home tonight to make sure that the wooden crossbow that he asked to take to camp is still in his bedroom.

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