Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The After Party.

So the 4th of July epic celebration at LakeHaus Production's head quarters, also known as "home", went off without a hitch.  If you consider almost burning down the house from a firework named "The Day Of The Lord", only a few physical causalities...one burned foot and the non-business end of a punk in a 7 year old's eye, about 4 or 5 good cases of sun burn and my jacked up back...otherwise it was all good.
My dad, Steph, Grandma Penny, Angie F., Grandma Cherrlyn and Darryl rocked the food prep end of the show, I didn't even fire my grill up.  Dad cooked out of the back of his chuck wagon the whole weekend...great food and the atmosphere is always great with the chuck wagon in the yard.

The party cleared out around 10:30 last night and today there was this strange "after party" feel to the house...all quiet, the lake was still and empty...made me want to go out with the Anderson Boys and catch another 6am wakeboard session.  Thanks for waking up early Pat and Nathan...well worth the lost hours of sleep!

The picture says it all...empty swim deck...we have some time to rest up and heal up for the next party.

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