Monday, November 29, 2010

Getting Caught Speeding...AGAIN!

If you are a subscriber to the Huron Daily Planet you might have seen my name in the paper for something besides a quote while doing my job at the electricity factory.  It seems that going 75 in a 65 gets you a little donation to the local highway fund.

I was due, it had been almost 8 years.

Now to the "again" portion of the story.  On Saturday the family was packed into the Expedition and of course we were a bit late for an event, so I might have been going a bit fast for the posted limit.  When out of the backseat this voice says..."ahhhhh, dad!!!".

"Yes, Maxim?"

"Don't you remember?"

"Remember what, Maxim?"

"What happened on the way to school that morning..."

(At this point I know I am busted by my son, which is way worse than any officer of the law...but I want to see what he has to say.)

"What do you mean, Maxim?"


"Well how fast am I going right now?"

"I can see the 80 number...."

Technically it was 75 again, but from where he was sitting it looked like 80, and might have been when the whole conversation started.  So Steph had a good laugh and I slowed down.  Really it was like having my dad in the backseat telling me to slow down.

That boy has such a pure makes us proud that Steph did such a good job raising him...and I.

(Sorry I took so long in between posts, Teri!  After my first speeding ticket Steph took away my computer privileges!)  :)

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