Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Brecken The Skype Monster

Skype is a wonderful tool for keeping up with relatives, conference calls with co-workers, or just getting to see your kids via a visual phone call when you are traveling.

Steph and I have actually Skyped with our kids while driving in a car...crazy to think you can video call your children in a moving object.

Well, it was bound to happen...Brecken (3 years old) figured out what buttons to click on to dial up daddy on Skype, and while a neighbor was visiting with Steph, Brecken decided to call me at work on Skype about 10 times.

So I was entertained for about the first 3 minutes, then I felt like I was babysitting him from a distance. Pretty funny is the photo of Brecken telling me about his baseball jersey, and how he wants all the baseball jerseys in the world, and football shoes with nails on them.

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