Sunday, November 08, 2009

Mr. Mom Weekend

Steph and her best friend went to Minnesota for a Heart's at Home seminar/shopping spree/get away from life for a few days trip. I manned up and took the kids, with tons of help from Penny and Bob, and let me tell you it's not easy.

I totally respect any stay at home mom or single parent for that's not sweatsuits and lattes all day long. I didn't get much sleep on Friday night because Kolby thought it would be good to watch the moon come up over the lake for a few hours...until 1:30 AM, and Saturday morning the boys woke up at 6:35 AM...Kolby was 5 minutes behind them. (just hang on for a second I have to go change Kolby's diaper......)

Saturday we went to the SDSU football game with Grandpa Bob and the Jacks had a very off day to say the least, but it was fun to hang with Grandpa and the boys. Kolby and Grandma went to some gathering of women and had fun too.

I learned a couple things over the weekend: Girls are harder to get dressed than boys get jeans and a shirt...but the little princess gets "stylized", I also had no idea where any of the kids' clothes were, also just because I don't eat breakfast doesn't mean the boys shouldn't either. Sunday on the way to church, Brecken says, "Dad, I'm like totally starving." Also the funniest one of all came out of Brecken, "Dad, I want to watch Sponge Bob Wears Pants."

Dear Steph, you can't get home soon enough, we all miss you very much!

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Anonymous said...

Carson and I thought that was very funny!! We laughed at the sponge bob wears pants comment...
Our weekend consisted of a 'baby' that Cassidy had to take care of for a class at school. 'Baby think it over' cries, needs to be fed, and changed, and watch out for the head swinging back... that'll lose ya points on the grade!!! The computer records all kinds of things - Cassidy's cried 179 min all weekend! Is that normal? Who records the amount of time their baby cries?!?!