Thursday, October 29, 2009

When the Doctor is your friend...

I have a had a few close friends that also doubled as my various medical care of those is a dentist in town that we lovingly call Doc. I have been known to eat a bit of hard candy and my teeth have paid for it.

I had 2 fillings to get today, and Doc stuck one side with the 12 gauge needle full of diesel fuel (cause that's what it tastes like) and then proceeded to stick the other side to complete the mouth numbing needed to perform the work without me crying. I don't mind going to the dentist, and since he is my friend it is fun to hang out with him, (Even if it cost about $300 every half hour...that is what insurance is for) but the WORST part is the shot.

My right side numbed up fast, like I took a dodge ball right to the nose, my eyes watered and I felt left side different story. If I remember right I took 4 or 5 shots to the left cheek...then we waited, and waited and tried to drill a little bit, but nothing.

Doc and his assistant joked about the older lady a couple days earlier that took her fillings but refused anesthetic, and that she was tougher than me. Finally Doc tried one more spot, he said it was his last trick. I would never be a good prisoner of war, because if the choice was giving up information or taking that shot again, I would tell them where the weapons of mass destruction were.

So we waited some more, nothing...I said it's a little numb let's Doc did a couple little test drills and I felt it, but not bad. So basically he did all his drilling with my mouth still feeling the love from the spinning bit. Then about 3 minutes before he put the stuff in my tooth for the new filling, my lip falls asleep like a dog in the sun on a Sunday afternoon.

I guess the nerves in my mouth are very slow to react, which makes me wonder why my mouth got me into trouble all the time growing would think I wouldn't be so quick-tongued.

Also, have you ever tried spitting with a limp lip? It's more like drooling.

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Anonymous said...

I never knew that Dentist's gave you a numbing shot to fill teeth until about 10 years after we were married and Sharon came home from the Dentist one day and after an hour or so said that her mouth was still numb. I said I thought you said that you had a tooth filled, not pulled. Well, she had a tooth filled alright and the Dentist numbed it alright.

When I was young, I too ate wayyyyyyyyyy to much candy and had a lot of cavities. The Dentist my parents took me to was Docter "Butcher Wollmann". He was above the National Bank Building, I think it was and he did not belive in numbing you when ONLY filling a small cavity. Well, the drill spun and the tooth SMOKED and I cursed the stupid Dentist. He NEVER numbed when he filled. In fact he had to shoot me 3 times one time before he could pull the tooth. What am I saying, well being "Butcher Wollmann" would not numb to fill I would not say anything about my tooth hurting until it was to late and he had to numb it and pull it. So now I only have 11 teeth on the bottom and not many more on the top and still HATE DENTISTS, I would rather get beat up or run over with a truck then go see one of those STUPID people. Sorry Tom's friend, you might be different, but it does not sound too much like it.