Thursday, August 06, 2009

Kolby is afraid of our dogs.

Our 2 dogs are about as laid back as dogs could be...they both love the kids and have never ever shown a mean side at all, with that said, we don't think twice about the boys climbing all over them or playing alone with them. If we were concerned the dogs would have gone a long time ago.

So the other day Kolby, Lilly the English Pointer and Annie the German Shorthair Pointer went for a little walk. The dogs were running through the fields looking for rabbits and pheasants and Kolby was just fine...until Lilly came running up to greet her.

I guess in the 5 or so months that Kolby has been alive she hasn't seen the dogs up close and personal. SHE WAS TERRIFIED of the "moving stuffed animals". It took a good minute or two to calm her down.

We thought it was a one-off situation where they just surprised her and frightened her, so we tried it again...this time with the dogs inside the kennel...same result.

I guess the only way to cure this is to get a new puppy for her to sleep with and grow up with...that way they will be about the same size for a while and bond really good together.

Anybody got a good duck hunting, water-loving chocolate lab that is about to have puppies? It would be great if it was here in time for duck hunting season...I mean so Kolby and I could take her new dog out in the duck hunting blind.

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Anonymous said...

Tom, that is some really realy good reasoning to get another dog that you have always wanted and Steph would not go alone with it - - until now, MAYBE!! Makes about as much sense to me as getting another GUN because you ONLY have 11 and the next one would make 12 an even DOZEN. Now wouldn't that be nice, MAYBE Kolby could even learn early to handle the gun safely and not be afraid of the bang.

Skipper, talk some sense into you relatives head!!