Sunday, August 02, 2009

Capped off a great week.

As I mentioned, Steph and I hosted 6 parties in 7 days this week, we had a blast...but today was about our family.

We slammed some drive-thru fast food after church and the kids took much needed naps. I worked on my retaining wall/lakeside beautification projects and Steph worked on her tan and a book.

We decided to get out on the water around 6pm and almost had the lake to those are nights we push the kids to do things on the water. The boys have loved the tube this year and are very comfortable in the "big water".

My buddy Jared dropped his kneeboard to us this morning cause he thought the boys might take to that pretty easy. AND THEY DID.

Brecken and Maxim both loved it and we saw a side of Maxim in the water that we don't see too often...he was pretty aggressive about getting back on after he fell and didn't quit.

We capped the weekend with some good family time in the living if I could just kill the 3 flys that are bothering me right now!

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