Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Stoke" Defined

Cousin Erkel and I went out in his Malibu last night...perfect night in the water, on the water and in the boat. After a couple sessions we ran over to the dock to pick up "the boys". My nephew Carson is in town for a few more days and he wanted to wakeboard.

He pulled on our Jr. sized board and I gave him all my coaching ability and within about 5 or 6 pulls he got up for about 50 meters. The smile he had on his face was amazing. He got back in the boat a short time later and was still just one big smile.

He talked about it for quite a bit in the boat.

That night he was on the phone with his mom telling her about how he wakeboarded, it may have only been 20 seconds, but it is what it is...I know the feeling it's what surfers call "stoked". You get this feeling that you don't get on dry land, and you spend your entire life thinking about when you can get that feeling again.

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Anonymous said...

For as long as he talked about it I figured he went around the lake several times!! I'll just keep thinking that!! He was still excited on the phone. Thanks Tom and Eric!!