Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My new favorite baseball player is...

I guess in the back of my head I always thought my favorite Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa was on the juice. He went from a real likable outfielder who hit 30 or 40 HR's a year to a guy that smacked out 60 and had a body that looked like the Statue of David.

Well, the report is out there...he failed a test in 2003, no big sup rise. Just another little dagger in baseball's back.

With that said, I would like to tell you about one of my new favorite baseball players.

He plays for the Huron Park and Recreation Coach Pitch White Sox and is number 77, because an older kid had 7 already. He turned 7 years old today, in the batter's box he has trouble with the low pitches, but he doesn't quit trying, and if you pitch one up around his shoulders he can really smack it, and he does it with a smile. He kind of hustles to first base, his mom works him over for not running fast...he'll catch on to that later.

He is good in the field and always thinks about his mechanics before he throws to first...he actually hurt his dad's hand the other day throwing the ball!

Congrats son you are my favorite baseball player, even if you play for the t-ball version of the other baseball team in Chicago...Happy Birthday