Monday, July 21, 2008

The readers like it when I am in pain.

Saturday's post about the beatdown I received via my 2 boys caused many readers to walk up to me and say how funny it was that the boys beat me like that...glad I could give you a laugh.

Isn't it funny how we get joy out of other people's physical pain. Like when someone gets hit by a door, or falls off a bike, or someone slips on ice and breaks a hip, we laugh...and then make fun of them to their face.

I think God built us with a healthy fear of pain so that we wouldn't do things that cause us to get hurt...that being said, I have a sore back and a sunburn today. Not from wakeboarding like you would expect...I am pretty sure I got it from scooping and hauling wheelbarrows of dirt to some holes in our yard left by some tree stumps we had removed. Now why wouldn't my internal "ohhh this is gonna hurt" monitor go off before I started doing the yard work?

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