Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Shadow Chaser Turns 6 Today.

Maxim turns 6 today.

Last night as we sat on the dock, in the moonlight with a big fire keeping us warm, it hit me that he is no longer a toddler. When you are 6 you are kind of a grown up kid. He sang himself to sleep on Steph's lap around 11 p.m., and we just sat there for a while laughing about "Maxim Stories".

6 years ago today we were at Sioux Valley Hospital watching the U.S. Open and waiting for Maxim. Funny that Tiger Woods won the U.S. Open that year, and he won it this year as well.

I took the above picture about a week ago and it really sums up Maxim. Barefoot, chasing his shadow, free-spirited and carefree. So much artistic and creative energy in that skinny little body running under the big sky.

Right before we put out the fire last night, I said to Steph, "Where will this boy be in 20 years?"

She said, "Probably living at home."

...if only we should be so lucky...kids are pretty amazing.

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Anonymous said...

And now I dropped my youngest, 10 years old, off at jr camp for the week. And so the letting go begins. Lets just say mom is kinda sad!! Bet he is having a blast!! Way to go Carson!! Sally