Monday, June 30, 2008

10:45 p.m. supper.

I spent most of the weekend at one church or another as a relative of the family got married this weekend. Basically it was the biggest party of the summer. I did some video and still camera work and stayed out of the way.

Maxim fell head over heels for the flower girl from Kansas, and also liked her brother a lot because he liked to play Super Heros. It was a great weekend for a wedding because the weather was not the best if I wanted to play on the water.

So this afternoon I get an e-mail from Cousin Erkel asking if I can come out and play tonight...I got permission from Steph and while they were at an after-wedding-party-party, Erkel, C-Hof and I spent the night on liquid. It was the best night of riding I have had all year.

Brecken with a little help from G-Pa Roger caught a 16" walleye tonight, he was so stoked!

That made me hungry for fish, so after a long day at the office and a night on the water I finally just ate some frozen fish for supper at 10:45 p.m.

Tomorrow morning is gonna be a big coffee morning!

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