Monday, November 05, 2007

I hate Fantasy Football...this season!

I play in a couple of fantasy football leagues with buddies from all over the nation. I have held the Champions Trophy a few times...but this year is a struggle.

Quarterbacks are killing me. I have a great running game and a great defense and defensive players...but the QB's haven't treated me with any respect.

I started with Drew Brees, he was horrible for like 4 weeks so I dumped him.

I had Jon Kitna for a back up, and he was producing so I started him for a few weeks.

After 2 weeks of starting him and only scoring 13 total points I dropped him for Farve..he put up 3 points in week 6...dumped him.

Back to Kitna...5 points in week 7...dropped him from my team.

Started Jay Cutler...I'm a bit of a Broncos fan so this was a good marriage...he put up 13 points in week 8...respectable for a first outing.

This week I faced my brother-in-law (B-Rad) in a match-up I always must win to save face at the Thanksgiving Table.

Ironically B-rad started my old QB, whom he picked up, Jon Kitna.

Kitna put up 22 and Cutler went out with an injury in the 2nd me ZERO points. I lost by more than 50 points, Thanksgiving is going to suck.

I am pretty sure that if I were a real NFL coach this year, players would refuse to join my team or play for me, they either end up hurt or with horrible stats.

I do think that Fantasy Football makes you a demented fan of the NFL, as I have Adrian Peterson on my team, and I always want him to have 300 yards and 4 touchdowns, but every week I want the Vikings to lose by 30, so Chad Greenway and Antoine Winfield will have a bunch of opportunities to make tackles and interceptions.

Next week I'm starting QB Matt Hasselbeck from the Seahawks...that's how desperate I have become.

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