Friday, August 03, 2007

Paddle 2 Work Day!

I have a friend, some of you might know from his blog the Minus Car Project, who has all but given up his car. He bikes to work, to get grocery, and to take his children to different activities...I admire him and his dedication to reducing his carbon footprint.

On a few occasions I have biked to work...about 18 miles one way! Lately I have enjoyed biking around the lake, it is about a 12 mile loop the way I take it. This morning was exceptional, the sunrise, the deer, the calf that snuck under a fence and was munching on the thick ditch grass, and the sweet smell of cut was an intoxicating morning.

My day is always better when started with exercise, and I know several people who feel the same dad ran most mornings for almost 20 years, I think. Toward the end it was more of a limp-run because of his knee...but I now know why he ran, sure the exercise is great, but the feeling you get for the rest of the day because you started it out with a run or a bike or a weight training session is empowering.

I ran across this article today...this guy has it down. I think if I bike to the James River, kayak to the 3rd street dam, then run to work! Triathlon to the core. I might have to leave the house at 4am, and in the winter I would have to skate the James River...sounds like a plan.

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Anonymous said...

you need to get a job where you don't sit on the behind all day. then you wouldn't have to get up so early to exercise. skip