Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cell service in the middle of the LAB!

I'm in Idaho...some of it is pretty, very rugged...but last night I had to drive to Arco, Idaho. That stretch from Idaho Falls to Arco is WASTELAND. The Idaho National Laboratory is the only thing on this 65 miles of nothing...and the INL is nothing to look at.

So I did my usual habit when I'm driving and bored...I called people...buddies I don't talk to on a regular basis, mostly my hockey buddies, teammates from college and guys I ref with in the winter.

So after the meeting, I get ready for a boring drive back to Idaho Falls, which by the way reminds me a ton of Sioux Falls, and I give Steph a call. I talk to Maxim and Steph for at least 20 minutes...then it dawns on me, I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, no buildings, no population centers within 65 miles, mountains surrounding a lot of the area...and I have a perfect signal.

Most likely this good coverage is government issued and due to the crazy amount of people that commute from Idaho Falls out to the INL for work, but it ticked me off. I live 15 minutes from a city, on a lake that has a lot of recreational visitors, and a very densely populated area...for South Dakota...and I have to stand in the driveway on one foot, wearing my tinfoil hat and a 6 iron in one hand to get one bar for 30 seconds.

Oh well, sometimes no cell service is a good thing sometimes.


aaron said...

Well, there's your problem, cuz. Take off the tinfoil hat! That actually is supposed to block RF signals, not help them.


verlie said...

Yeah Tommy, what were you thinking, Oh, I guess you weren't thinking, were you???? Guess OLD Uncle "Skipper" will have to put you in a head lock or a Skipper hold!!