Monday, January 14, 2013

Do You Run Or Walk?

This morning when I dropped the boys off for school at 8:13 a.m., (2 minutes to spare before they usually go inside) and the students that were already at the school were lined up and ready to go in for class.  This meant that the boys wouldn't get to play outside before they started the day.  Not a big deal because it was minus 4 outside, but they usually get 5 or 10 minutes to mess around outside before they go in.

Today, they got out of the car and got in line...but it was their response to the fact that their classmates were already in line that made me laugh. 

Maxim jumped out of the car, single strapped his backpack and in a panic said, "Brecken, come on we have to go now....we are going to be late!"  He slammed the door and sprinted to his line. 

Brecken, on the other hand, slid out of his seat, flung his backpack on double strap and closed the door...then sauntered in the general direction of the school and the line of students that awaited him.  They both got to school on time and didn't hold up anyone's progress.

It was interesting watching Stephanie's personality and my personality come through in our children while they were in a "demanding" situation.  I'll let you guess which of our kids takes after which of their parents in this case, but I called Steph right away and we got a good laugh.

I will give Brecken a free pass on why he might have been a little more laid back today than usual....he played 3 hockey games and had 5 wrestling matches yesterday.  I probably wouldn't be too excited about running to a line the morning after a day like that either.

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