Thursday, October 25, 2012

Knee'd Surgery

I get to go under the "scope" tomorrow.  My knee has been a mess for a while now, and I finally found a doctor who knows what to do to fix it (not that it was that tough of a diagnosis).

The first doctor I went to messed around for 4 months and I kept telling him how bad it hurt, but he kept putting off I trusted him.  Unfortunately it was a complete waste of time.

So after one visit to another doctor he immediately recognized that I need surgery and a week and a half later the day is upon me to get this thing fixed.

I have a tear in my meniscus, they think it is of the "bucket handle" variety...they will go in and clean it out and should be good as new by the end of the month.

So after my first doctor messed around and gave me 4 months of pain and doctor visits, 2 weeks in a straight leg brace and then another 2 of therapy...I will hopefully be completely healed in 5 weeks.

I have attached a photo of different tears and an actual video of what they will do to my knee...enjoy with popcorn.

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