Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Dangling Carrot Of Dirt.

You have seen the cartoon where a donkey's rider holds a carrot in front of the donkey to get him to move...Maxim has actually done this to Brecken (yes while riding him) with a donut.  Well, earlier this spring Stephanie put a carrot in front of me.

The problem is there is a lot of dirt in the way.

I have been building a retaining wall for a couple years now and slowly adding dirt, and slowly doing work, but this spring the deal was made (truth be told there wasn't much dealing) that the boat doesn't come out of storage until the 1st tier of the retaining wall is back filled and landscaped.  Well, Steph's uncle delivered the dirt last night (THANKS KENROY!!!) and I will learn how to shovel dirt again tonight.

You may ask why don't you just get a Bobcat and spread it around????  Well, the 1st tier is blocked in by our deck and the lake and a hill, so the only "Bob"-cat I could get back there is my dad and a wheelbarrow.

So tonight I begin Shovelpalloza.  If you are bored and want a good workout come on over any night this week and I will get you a shovel.

MY GOAL IS TO HAVE MY BOAT IN THE WATER ON SUNDAY...We will see how that goes.

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