Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 45.

OK I admit it...I turn 40 this year, and I'm promising myself that I'm going in more in shape than I went into my 30's.

Somewhere along the line in my early 30's I bumped up to about 230 lbs...I remember my college hockey weight was in about 10 years I put on about 50 lbs...most of it in about the 4 years after Maxim was born, and most of it in the cage area.  (MY GUT)

For the last 4 years or so I have been in OK shape, but this year is different, I actually wrote down my goals, I have about 15 or so for the year of 2012, and so far I am still on track to make a lot of them.

One of them was to finish a cycle of P90X.  I have started it 2 other times.  Last February Steph and I made it to day 37 and then went on a snowmobiling trip and never got back on the program.  I was in great shape at that time and kick myself for losing everything I built up.  The other time I got 15 days into and got sick, and then started running.

Last summer I ran about 4 miles every day, and was feeling great about that, but I wanted something more this I started my 1st cycle of P90X in early January.  I have only missed about 3 days total, and made up for them on other days.

I am starting to see nice results, but have to start laying off the cookies and candy at midnight and need to stop eating all my mom's Oreo's.

No I'm not posting any before and after pictures yet.  We will see how satisfied I am with day 90 and then maybe I'll put some out here.  Just a warning, the Day 1 pictures are not pretty.  Think really white body that is not Phil Mickleson without a shirt on...that's what I felt I am somewhere in between........Day 46 here I come.

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