Monday, April 25, 2011

Lake Byron's First Swimmers

After 37 straight days of snow and or rain and no sunshine, the sun came out on Saturday...for like an hour.  We went right outside to soak it up and the boys went right to the dock to play by the water.

Maxim begged and begged his mom to let him go swimming...she said "no" a bunch, then she said, "I don't care...go get your swimming suits."

Water freezes at 32 degrees, I am assuming the water temp was 38, but both boys ran into the house got their swimming suits and started to enjoy the dock, their water guns and they got their feet wet.

Then Maxim got brave...he got waist deep and learned the power of cold water...he screamed, and then wondered why his mom "made" him go swimming.  I think they will wait for a few days before they go again.

But Easter Sunday the boys were out in the kayak for about an hour while Steph and I did our yearly shoreline clean up...which involved 2 stinky dead carp this year.

Oh yeah, Kolby slept the whole time this was going on.

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