Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Underwear...the newest swear word at our house.

So if you have been around him you realize that Brecken has quite the never stops.  I know you are thinking, "oh, all kids talk a lot."  NO, not like the motormouth we call Brecken.  Most of it is just yappity, yap, and has no real meaning, and some of it is really, really funny.  Like a well written and timed stand up comic.

Now, I don't know where the whole underwear, underpants or underhead, understinky, etc...any word with the word "under" in front of it started to be funny or the main buzz word that Brecken embraced, but I would estimate that on average he says some form of the word underwear in a sentence or just by its self at least 60 to 80 times a day.

The first time he said it in a sentence, we laughed SUPER hard, and here was the sentence and its context.  He saw something strange happen and he said, "Well, that's weird underpants!"  I don't even remember what he was referring to, but it is our new family saying.  (So this is partially parental shortcomings)

So everything became "weird underwear" or "weird underpants" or "underwear pants head"...just anything with the reference to tighty whities...gitch...underoos...da-dant-ta-das...whatever you call them.

Another time when this word got him RAVE reviews as a comic was at grandma and grandpas house one night.  He was running around the house in his underwear doing flip tricks and gymnastics.  Aunt Sally called and he was talking to her on speaker phone, and she asked what we were doing....he replied, "Well, we are just having an underwear party!"

So it really solidified in his 4 year old mind that this word "underwear/underpants" is SUPER FUNNY.  So now it is his go to phrase.  Kind of like his comedic shtick.

Well, I guess Steph grew tired of his under garment talk and banned the word last night.  If he says the word he gets a 2 minute penalty for inappropriate language and is sent to his bed.  He spent quite a little time in bed last night and this morning he was in the penalty box again.

Now I am trying to figure out how I'm going to go through life saying, "Hey, baby do I have any clean clothes that I wear under my clothes?"

So with that said, Brecken has a birthday coming up in April, I thought it would be cool if he could get a bunch of underwear from if you feel led to give him a present go ahead and buy him some gitch.  He wears boxer briefs, and they usually have Sponge Bob or SuperHeroes on them.  I would love to see him open a bunch of packages and not be able to tell anyone what he got for his birthday, for fear of heading to the "sin bin".

Our life is exciting!

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